What a moron..

There is a guy that has been wanting to get with me for several years now.
I am married. No intention of doing anything like that.
He knows I'm married, but still wants me.
He's not a stalker, and am not worried about him doing anything dangerous. He's just an **.
Anyway, my husband knows about this weirdo..


Just to teach him a lesson, I've replied back to his advances that I want to have a sexual relationship.
He believes it.

I will be showing these convos to his wife(yup, the ** is married)

Dec 15, 2014

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  • You don't have to show his wife,just tell him you will if he does not stop his advances. I bet you if you were the one who has had the hots for someone and he threatened to tell your hubby and destroy your marriage,you will not be happy.
    We don't live in a perfect world,the guy just wants a piece of you coz u turn him on for a reason.That reason may be alien to you,but you don't have to throw him under the bus.For all I know,you have done things in your past, sexually, that are not saintly.Your hubby could be having 3 mistresses that you don't know about,he could be watching ** while u at work,or he could be sleeping with your sister or mom-simply put,the world is not perfect,neither are the inhabitants.You have led the guy on by letting him believe you gonna give him some and he trusts you.But he does not know that you are angry and not a woman of your word.He does not know that you are simply luring him to his death and destruction.He simply thinks you understand of his needs and situation,when in the real sense you simply entrapping him. When hubby sees you do this,he will have a different view of you that he will tell you nothing about.He will know that if you found out he was cheating,you will destroy him.He will never share his deepest desires and thoughts with you;for he will understand you will use them against him.You have led this guy on,simply tell him what you intend to do and leave him alone.If you don't have the guts to do the right thing,have your hubby have the ** to stop being an accomplish in the destruction of this guy's life, and instead be the one to tell him and save his marriage.So you think you n hubby will live happily ever after if you destroy his marriage?

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