Finding my limits

I had my wildest sexual experience last night. My husband and i have been talking a lot about spicing up our marriage. It was his idea to introduce another woman which was ok. But last night was crazy. We met a couple we liked on a website and had them over at our house. We started with the usual drinks etc. Before long sam and her man, mike started to talk s**. She said he was the biggest she ever had and he still made her eyes water. The thought of it made me wet. Maybe i was drunk but i blurted out that i squirt from a***! Sam stood and bought mike to stand in front of me as she knelt in front of ivan, my man. I watched as she unzipped and pulled out my husbands 9 inch c***. I reached out and pulled at mikes zip. He helped me pull out what must have a 12 incher. I sucked and licked but couldnt wait to feel it in me. I lay back, moved my wet panties aside and told him to f*** me. Gentle he wasnt. One push and his b**** were on my ass. I looked across and saw sam bouncing on ivan. This guy knew how to get me off and within minutes i came. He just pulled out,moved over and slid that monster straight up sams ass. She was screaming as the men double f***** her and this got me h**** again. I lay watching and rubbing my p**** as i had the urge to put two fingers in my ass. Ivan was watching me and came in sams p****. There was a pop and squelch as mike pulled out and sam got off ivan. She kissed me hard and turned me over, ass in the air. She stuck two fingers in her p**** and forced them into my mouth. The taste of her and my mans c** was devine. She held my head down and actually spat in my face. Mikes gonna f***, no rape your ass now! She said . Then wham. He rammed his c*** all the way in with one thrust. The noise i made was not human. I struggled but they all held me down as this monster ploughed my ass. I could feel myself squirting every time he went in. It was the hottest thing i have ever had done to me. That bacame the theme until early this morning. Me pretending to struggle and all three "raping" me. Sam even chocked me out at one point. Im sitting here writing this with my ass twitching and leaking. Cant wait till next time. Thinking about being double f***** myself.


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  • This sounds fake to me, but if its real thats really hot! Most would never experience something like this in all their life.

  • Wow, thats f****** hot, i hope you have more fun like that and share it with us

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