Future Mother of My Baby is Dead

Though I know her parents, I knew her for sure in 2009-she had had entered university then, was 21 and had a facebook profile. I am 22 years older than she is. We have been talking a lot for the last 3 years. She had graduated college in 2013, and was now an instructor (lecturer) and another college. She had become such a beauty!

We live in two different countries.I had visited her early this year, and we made love. Since then, we have been talking almost daily on fb, whatsapp or on the phone. I have some properties and investments in her country and I have nobody trusted to manage them after my death. She was my hope.

I am divorced and we had discussed that she and I would have a baby together in 2015(God willing) and she and the baby would assume ownership of my properties later. She did not want to marry me due to the age difference, but we got along great. I had told her she could have one or two kids with me then marry whomever she wanted.

En route to a Christmas vacation about a week ago today,their car developed mechanical issues.While getting it off the highway,she,and some family members, were struck and dragged away by a huge truck, badly crushed, lost limbs but survived for a couple of hours at the accident scene.Ambulances are not common there and this accident happened in a remote part of the country, close to a small town without emergency trauma facilities.Whereas others were driven to far away hospitals fairly quickly,no good Samaritan was willing to help her due to excessive bleeding.

Later,other family members got help and spent a few more hours driving her to a well-known hospital, where she later died.Few hours before leaving for that trip,she had text me and said she was homesick.She will be buried this last weekend of 2014.

I cry because of her death, the gruesome way in which she died (I spared you the graphic details) and the demise of our mutual future baby dreams. May God Bless her and Rest her In Peace.

Dec 26, 2014

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