Do not cirse or use dirty language or tell dirty jokes at a bank

I got fired after being overheard telling a dirty joke to a fellow worker. I was also overheard saying g******. Both will get you fired. I did those things and I'm history at that bank. I feel like an idiot.

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  • I'mm the original poster and when I was in HR being told I was terminated I apologised profusely. It did no good. I was out the door.

    When I got home I e-mailed the person who had overheard me nd had reported me and I apologised to her. There was no reply.

    It was a mistake on my part. A big one as it cost me my employment.

    I was able to find another job but for less money. I stayed there until I retired and while there no one heard any cussing or dirty words from me.

  • Live and learn. That's why there's an employee handbook at most jobs that you have to sign acknowledging that there are rules. You have to conduct yourself professionally. The joke could have been super funny, but those rules are in place because not everyone is cool or thinks dirty things are funny in the workplace. If it was recent, you may want to write a response in writing..just because it goes in your file. And you may not get your job back, but it can show that you acknowledge what you've done..couldn't hurt.

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