Being fired is a decision not a debate

If you are ever fired sit there and take the pain. Don't try to get your job back because your name was off of the payroll before they gave you the bad news.

The only way you should put up an argument is when and if you are fired for something you didn't do. That happened to me.

Instead of arguing with them and if the situation is really not your fault take it to the state labor board.

I was accused of making negative racial statements after I mistakenly referred to Black history week as African history week.

After I got fired I took the situation to the labor board and while I didn't get my job back I had the satisfaction of making them look stupid and I was able to collect unemployment.

Jan 1, 2017

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  • Work for yourself! Be independent! Fight for the little guy! Don’t waste your time on doing menial bullshit work! Look at the flip side... you won.

  • The whole idea of work is just slavery with extra steps...

  • Well start you rown business then.
    You'll find out what it is to be a slave master in the 21's century.
    You basically pander after your employees (sorry slaves) who are never satisfied and who try to rip you off at every opportunity. They complain about everything. (Some have genuine hardship or health issues).

  • Have fun using all ur time grinding with that business :)

  • Yeah? and youre not ripping them off too? its not a team thing no one has anyone elses back and that makes everyone weak

  • Familiar with the phrase "going postal"?

  • Familiar with the word PRISON duh

  • Familiar with the phrase "eat s***"?

  • ^^^^^ run along now baby

  • If it's a "no reason to fire State" .. Then it doesn't matter what you do.

  • It does matter. While a right to work state does allow a company to find an employee without reason you can take it to the labor board if they deny you unemployment benefits. That's what the company in my story did and when I took it to the labor board they agreed with me and I got my benefits.

  • You mean Right to work

  • WTF is right to work. Sounds like you are saying it is my *duty* to give you a job. Crap. You have zero *right* to work. Get off your ass and go find a job.

  • Sure whatever

  • If you are fired there is never just one reason. Every person i have fired have been pains in the ass. Corporate just needed a excuse that would stand up in court.

  • Or because they wouldn't kiss your @ss or sleep with you. People get let go for bullshit reasons as well as legit ones, and because you're choosing to pretend that first part doesn't exist leads me to think you're one of those petty dictators who fire girls who don't put out.

  • A friend of mine got fired from Wells Fargo for not collecting on accounts that were in arrears, when the thing that put them in arrears were monthly service fees, and the customers never opened the accounts to begin with! The federal government has cracked down on the company, but there are a whole lot of employees (including former employees) that never got their gigs back. Disgusting.

  • I was accused of doing a report wrong when I have the manager a copy on Friday. I was to mail it that day to Corporate office..... He said nothing was wrong. Monday came and he came to me saying this is wrong with report and that etc etc. I stood up for myself. He said ...that's it, I'm done with this. You are fired. Wtf?????

  • ^^^^^ you p***** somebody off

  • Gosh man, this wouldnt happen the UK. The employment law and employee rights are strict and we have warning stages in place, before an employer can terminate an employees contract. Do you not have monthly supervisions and end of year appraisals with your manager, to monitor your work progress/career development/things you need to address?

  • We are a backward country my friend. I could only wish to live in your country! America is hostile now and different races gang up on other races. It’s just the way it is. Only immigrants and working parents hold the jobs now because they fear becoming homeless... people work week to week only earning enough to pay for rent, food, car, car insurance... no such thing as getting a head or a happy working atmosphere. No luxury... nothing! No time for anything unless you are rich but even then the repo man is at the door in time. It blows and we are all slaves!

  • Not all companies have requirements like that UK person. If they want you out ..they have no obligation to honor to keep you employed. USA is a free commerce entity and anyone can do anything with regards to employment, unless it's in a specific State's bilaws

  • I'm aware of the differences. I was sympathising :-) I think it's diabolical, how a person can get fired like that, as if on a whim. Truly disgusting!

    Respect and peace :)

  • Op was arguing with supervisor, here we call that insubordination

  • Dumbass, when your superior at work is abusing his/her authority and mistreating you, then expecting you not to stick up for yourself! It's gross misconduct and bullying!

    The employee has a right, to stick up for themselves! It's not insubordination fool, It's reinforcing, "your human rights, f*******!"

  • Its not insubordination if the supervisor is in the wrong. He said I made a racist statement when I referred to black history week as African history week. I would not even have mentioned it if there had not a been a party going on where the participants were wearing traditional African costumes.

    My supervisor fired me for that and he was in the wrong. The man at the state labor board agreed with me and made my supervisor look stupid in front of his boss and I was able to collect unemployment.

    I was sent a letter from the state and me still being angry at my former manager I sent a copy to the head of the company where I used to work..

  • You are not OP. I am. He fired me for basically standing up for myself... Hmm. I'm just supposed to kissAss NP matter what??

  • I believe you did the right thing.

    If someone is in the wrong and giving you attitude, regardless if they're your supervisor, manager or whoever, you have a right to put them in their place.
    If they have the audacity and arrogance to speak/treat you inappropriately, you have the same right, to do the same. Your previous Supervisor shouldn't have abused their authority. I would've reacted within the same manner, as you did :-)

    However, referring to traditional African clothes as costumes, may be deemed as offensive. I personally don't think it does. But I know some people, might find that term inappropriate.

  • Just a bunch of trolls pay them no mind

  • *No matter what

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