Why would parents have s** with each

Why would parents have s** with each when they know there kid is in the room right next to there even if the tv is on

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  • They lik the idea of been heard while f******

  • Our son is 14. When his mom and I retire to the back I let him know. Some to the effect of "I am going to be wrestling with your mom. Please give us our privacy" He always responds the same. "have fun Dad"

  • yeah but why can't they just wait till i go out why do it when i'm home

  • Kids should not stop you from having a s** life! Don't you have an ipod or something to listen to while your daddy is banging your mommy?

  • or your wife what ever you know what i mean yeah you should be able to have s** you guys are grown but all i'm saying is unless your kids are to young to know whats happen then do it when they go to their friends house

  • yeah but when you and your husband are alone you guys can have all the s** you want there are plenty of times when i'm not home and they can do it they shouldn't do it when my friend is over and yeah find they want to have s** ok but like i said doing when i'm not home or make sure i'm not in my room when they went in their room to do it they knew i had work early in the morning and was going to stay in my room that is sick

  • Exactly unless your parents are living with you, you haven't got a leg to stand on. If you don't like it leave.

  • Move out of your parents house, I know it is imposible to see your parents as sexual creatures but how do you think you got here? I have been married for over twenty years and I can't wait for my kids to move out so I can bend my wife over the kitchen table when I want to.

  • my bed is on the other side of the room i still heard they're bed shake and then when i went to get something it the basement i heard it more

  • Gross! My husband makes that same noise. Why don't you rearrange your furniture.

  • when i put my ear against the wall is when i heard my dad say oooooh

  • well its not that i hear them i hear their bed moving

  • Tell your parents to do it whenyour not home. Let them know they gotta keep it down, that it makes you sick and you can't m********* with them making f****** noises. That might make them stop and think.

  • people don't want to hear they parents going at it either i don't want to see them fight but i don't want to hear them have s** either

  • Yes, but the kid is 20, so we already know the story was bullshit, he just got one over on most of you dumbasses.

  • Because who cares when it's your kid. The kid should be happy they are not fighting and trying to kill each other.

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