Mother and son reunion

Glad I found this site because it’s been killing me to tell someone but I can’t tell anyone I know.

A friend told me about a girl in town that was easy and he and other guys fu-cked her a lot. He wanted me to meat her too, but I didn’t want even want to meet her.

As (rotten) luck would have it, I met her by accident and didn’t know who she was. I fell in love and we married quickly. It was after the marriage that I find out she was the girl my friend, and a bunch of other guys passed around like a trading card. She denied everything.

After several years of marriage, we moved to an area close to where my wife grew up. I met a woman at my new job and we became friends. When she found out my wife’s name she asked me, by any chance was she CXXXX GXXXXXX, before changing her name. Yes she was.

The woman was suddenly cold after that until I talked her into having lunch with me to find out why.

Turns out my wife had an affair with this woman’s husband twenty years before and ended up pregnant. Nearly ended this woman’s marriage. She said my wife gave the boy up for adoption to a family that lived in a town close by. Her husband still helped a little with financial support for the boy all these years.

She gave me the boy’s name and names of several other men she knew of that had been with my wife.

I had asked my wife before about some small stretch marks on her b****** and belly. She always insisted they were from a sudden growth spurt she had when younger. Now I knew what caused that sudden growth spurt.

This ate at me like a cancer. I nearly developed an ulcer, trying to act like everything was fine at home. Dealing with her lying and wondering if she was seeing any of these guys she’s had before, or new ones.

The thing I couldn’t understand was how hard my dic-k would get when I thought about it. Much to my chagrin, our s** life improved 500%.

There was a man at work that she had been with and I looked up a few of the others just to see what they looked like. And as much as I wanted to hate her for what she did, I’d get so hor ny, I couldn’t wait to get to her again.

She loves s** and really enjoyed it but she kept asking me what had gotten into me. Why I was so affectionate and wanting her all the time.

I told her I was just so proud of how sexy she looked, and she does look sexy. Gradually I told her I would think about another man having s** with her and how it turned me on.

After a few months I started telling her I wanted to watch her get fuc-ked. I wanted to hear her and see her turning another man on and see and hear her have or-gasms with other men. It took about about two months to talk her into it.

I had been in these swinger sites and had contact with men in towns several hours away that were interested. I sent photos of her dressed, undressed, and having s** with me. Every one of the men were wanting to meet as soon as possible.

I finally decided on a man our age and we met him one evening. It was a great time and we saw him a few more times after that. Then I took her to a man more than ten years younger than us. It was great and we saw him several times and stayed over night with him a couple times.

In the mean time, I had also sent some emails to her son, Darren, that looked like p*** site advertisements for Older Women Wanting Young Men. Mother/Son role play, or, Your Best Friends Mom, role play. I put my wife’s swinger ad link where we were listed under a fake name on the swinger sites.

Darren made contact with me while we were seeing the second man. She had a great time with these two men and she didn’t even question me when we headed out to meet with Darren.

On the way there, I told her the next boy was even younger. I didn’t say how much younger. We got to the motel and checked in. I set the video recorder up and while she was in the bathroom, I put voice recorders and an extra video camera in place.

We went to the restaurant and Darren showed up exactly on time. He spotted my wife before he even noticed me wave to him.

He had just turned 20. He slid in the booth next to his mother, but he only knew she was a 42 year old woman named Denise. Which was a fake name used for the web site.

I introduced my wife to him by his fake name of Jacob. While sitting there side by side I could see her face in his face. I knew he was for sure her son. I hoped they didn’t make the connection. He also looked a lot like his father, so I wondered if that resemblance turned her on.

We had a drink then went to the room. Darren couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. Cindy was also very turned on. They kissed like teenagers and she excused herself to go get ready.

I had all the recorders going and told him to get ready for her. I said, she likes a man nude when she comes out.
Cindy came out and looked ravishing. I didn’t know she had bought a new white see-through gown for this occasion. She looked so pretty and sexy I almost wanted to call it off, but not enough to consider it twice.

They kissed standing up for a minute and felt each other up. She took him to the bed and they lay down. He pulled the gown down at the top to suck her t-its and she stroked his body and his di ck.
He got between her legs and went under the gown and licked her to three big or-gasms. He helped her remove the gown and she put him on his back and rubbed her t-its on him, then used her mouth on his di ck until he stopped her.

He put her on her back and kissed and sucked her all over again before lining his co-ck up and she placed it to her hon-ey hol e.
He had a bubble bu tt for a boy but when he got that sucker to bouncing, he was pile driving his hard co-ck.
Just the way she loves it.

He rolled her over and did her dog-gy style two different times. She got on him and did the ‘Jockey Rider’ position and rode him hard, but he stopped her before the finish line.
He put her on her back and had her legs straight up, or spread, and/or around his back.

They went at it hard for an hour when he had to stop because of a phone call. I suspect someone he had to check on him but he said it was his work calling about what time to be there tomorrow.

They both had a drink and went back to it for over an hour. That’s when I asked Darren how old his mother was. He was pumping away on Cindy and said, my mom is almost 50 but my real mother is 42.

I saw Cindy flinch and hug him tighter and hump him harder. I said, how old are you Darren. He said 20, and Cindy had a bear hug on him and was breathing like a steam engine.
I almost didn’t do it, but I thought about her deceiving me, and then I asked him if he knew his real mother’s name.

He said my wife’s first name and she screamed like I’d never heard before. It scared the h*** out of me because I thought it was directed at me for doing this to her. I know he started to say her maiden name but her scream cut him off or blocked it out.
I thought the police would soon be knocking on the door.

But it was an o***** scream that I had never heard before and she shuddered and whimpered and said things like, my baby my baby.

I know Darren was realizing what was happening but couldn’t come to grips with it yet, he managed to ask, “what the h***” and shot me a look I took to mean, ‘I’ll kill you’, but he was too close and couldn’t stop.

His org-asm completely drained him.
He collapsed on top of Cindy and she caressed him like a puppy, or in this case, like her baby.

When he could move again, he started to get off of her, but he stopped and looked at her before doing so, then he kissed her on her lips. He kissed and suc-kled both of her bre-asts. Then he got up, took a long drink and got dressed.
He said he had a great time, but he didn’t look Cindy in the eyes again.

I think by this time he was trying to convince himself it wasn’t so. He hadn’t really just fuc-ked his own mother. That couldn’t have happened.

I was acting nonchalant and Cindy was just laying there after pulling the sheet up over her. She stole glances at him, but she wouldn’t look at him a full second.

It was the quickest exit of anyone we’d been with, but I know it wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t thought he knew what happened.

He’s the only one that Cindy told me she didn’t have a good time with and she didn’t want to see him again. Even though she had 7 or-gasms with him and only one or two with the other men.

I’ve told her several times how good she looked with that boy on her and she is the best that boy will ever have. And how he’ll remember it for the rest of his life. But she just tells me not to mention it anymore.

I’ve hooked up with my lady friend a few times now but I haven’t told her what happened.
I’m thinking of hooking her husband, the father of Darren, up with Cindy, again. Just for old times sake.

Jan 25, 2020

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  • That's every boys fantasy, to get their mother. I remember when I was getting off when my mother was naked in front of me. Being the youngest, she was always getting undressed in front of me. When I first got an erection she stripped in front of me, she looked but didn't mention it to me and she definitely saw it when I was getting up and I wasn't wearing anything. She didn't even question why I was naked in the bed.

  • Damn hot, Bro. She got wat she deserved. And I bet she loved it. She prolly hooking up with him often.

  • Funny

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