My second time with a guy

My ex husband was my first and only s** partner. We were married for almost three years before we realized it was not working.
I dated this new guy and after three months I figured it was time to see what her would be like. So I told him that i would spend the night at his house.
He did not look like me ex at all. I had seen some like his in the p*** movies with my ex. I did not think I would ever have one. I knew it was goign to make me hit the sky when he went in. But it did not seem as if it would every stop. Then something hit me deep up in side and I made him stop.
He lasted so long I thought I was not turning him on. when my ex and I had s** some time he would be finished with in a few minutes. he told me I did him so good he could not last. Then he told me I did him to fast, I I just laid there.
This guy kept looking at me as if he was lookign for something other than my lungs to be punctured.
he told me to have an o***** and when i reached to rub my self he stopped me.He said not that way, but having s**. I told him that is the onyl way I can have one. I had tried many times but it never comes.
He made me c** with out rubbing at all and it was amazing. Then he said do that again. Well it took me forever it seemed, but I had another, that one was better than the other one.
I was lost when we did oral s** I never did that right for my ex. I doubt I did it well for him either. He was kind and told me i did great.
I must admit I nearly blew my head off when he did oral s** on me. I could see how a girl could enjoy antoher girl if she can preform like he did. I can not imagine anyone doign ti any better.
I feel a bit childish and embarrased for my ignorance of s**. I did ride him like he ask me. he told me I was a natural at that part.


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  • Lucky girl.

  • WOW ...

  • Sounds like fun

  • Fagnoire!!!!!

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