I used to have a friend. He was my

I used to have a friend. He was my friend of 7 years until today. I stopped being friends with him because he was someone who didn't want me to be happy. I forgot to live my life, because I was too busy trying to keep up with the demands of who he wanted me to be. He is a loser and I do not regret not visiting him the past few months. He thinks he's better than someone else, because he's got a few new friends from MySpace. He puts more value on materialism than he does human beings, and I find it extremely sad.

I have done numerous favors for him and have tried to be the best friend possible, but that wasn't good enough. He doesn't want to admit to his wrongdoings and thinks the friendship was all my fault. I admit to mistakes, but by no means am I the pathetic one. I don't bother to visit him, because he isn't worth it.

This is a person that put his own kid sister in harm's way by leaving her at the house of complete strangers in another state, all because he couldn't do without the stranger he met. Pathetic. Not to mention, he collects a welfare check for a learning disability I'm not sure he even has. He's used me, criticized me, and put me down, and I will no longer tolerate his crap!!

I've had enough of his crap, and I hope he gets everything that's coming to him. I've always thought of him as truly hopeless. After all i've done for him, and he choses to act as he does, he and his new online friends can go to h*** for all I care. He's the one that a bad friend. He's the one who needs a wake up call.

It's time I started living for me and forgetting about the people who aren't worth my time as friends anyway. As long as God and I know the real truth about things, it's all good. I will be moving on and living life better while he's still complaining and being the arrogant, snotty, materialistic, pathetic, and heartless person I know he truly is.

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  • He sounds like a real j***! Be grateful you were smart enough to get away from him!

  • Negative people... I steer away from them. I like 'good people'. Ones who seem to have morals and treat others nice.

  • congrats to you for getting away from that guy. he might even be a sociopath.

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