I am 6ft, with red hair, about 220lbs

I am 6ft, with red hair, about 220lbs. Decent build, and very educated.... I have always wondered, why can't red (dark, not flaming) be sexy? What is it with light skinned people that are not as attractive to some women?? I'd DIE for a woman, if she only knew, so why is it that I am not good enough to attract a beautiful blonde or brunette...


A very nice guy in distress

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  • You are RANG deal with it!!!

  • ^^Since I have red hair, I myself prefer women without red hair, in particular, natural red hair...it's just a "thing" I prefer...nothing against them...of course....now, if it's dyed red, that's a different story....CHEERS!

  • I have a question. If you are on here complaining about how no one likes red heads, why do you end your statement with "I am not good enough to attract a blonde or brunette" Why wouldn't you want a red head like you? You contradicted yourself. Oh, and by the way, I have red hair (dyed red hair) and guys love it!

  • WOW, I am the poster, and thank you, I am quite encouraged by what I am reading here.....It's great to receive such encouragement....from women too :))

  • I LOVE guys with red hair...and I'm a brunette :)

  • You worry too much,really.Yes,some women don't find that attractive,but it's just SOME women!I I've always fancied light skinned men and I absolutely love red hair,freckles and all that(I'm a blonde girl).Definitions of attractiveness and hottness vary from person to person,so hang in there,I'm sure you'll find the kind of girl you're looking for.

  • I think you are worring too much. I personally love red hair and pale skin, but then again i love black hair and darker skin. You shouldn't judge based on looks. Ignore the people around you, and be yourself. You'll find the perfect person that way. Toodles.

  • I don't find people who aren't pale attractive at all..
    But ging's? Meh..somethin' about it..

  • I'm a dark girl/brunette, always told I look like Catherine Zeta Jones and I love fair skinned men. I had a red headed boyfriend once (his only problem was , he wanted to get married before we had s**, I wasn't that serious) I thought red hair was exotic since it isn't so common. Actually I often went for red headed men because they stood out. Your just tooo insecure and using your physical attributes as an excuse.

  • Growing up I'd been told that red hair meant a short temper. Now I know it's a stereotype but maybe some people still think that.

    Know what you mean about the light skin, seems like some women think a dark tan makes you exotic somehow. Too many soap operas and romance novels perhaps.

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