Caught in the Act

I must tell everyone my mistress is sitting next to me making sure I confess to all she caught me at and what she is doing for my punishment. I was looking at p*** when my mistress walked up behind me and watched what I was enjoying. She caught me checking out femdom, cbt, bdsm and med sounding. Oh yes as my mistress reminded me, cross dressing and sissification. Right now as I am writing this confession I have to let everyone know she has inserted a stainless steel rod up my pee-hole and is twirling it as she slides it in and out. She also is stretching my b**** beyond belief. I must get at least 2 spankings a day and I am not allowed to wear any men's underwear. Since I didn't have any to begin with she made me go with her to the lingerie store to buy panties and things with everyone there watching as I was stripped naked then completely dressed in lingerie. In conclusion I was given a choice. I could attend the party the next night at our friends house where I would be dressed as a complete sissy or I must submit that night to a full femdom, bdsm, cbt and sissy training and all it in tails.

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