I've been at my job for 8 years and there's this woman who is technically my boss, but we're the same age from the same town. Pretty good friends too, I'm married and she's in a pretty serious relationship. I find myself very attracted to her, I like hearing everything she has to say, she listens to me as well. We share what's on our minds about our partners and just everything that is going on in our lives at home. One time I was getting a ride to town with her after work. She had her hand beside her on the arm rest and I don't know why but I just did it a grabbed her hand and held it, I know sounds so exciting but it was because she looked at me with a sheepish little smile and tightened her grip. We just held hands until I got off the car. I know it's so boring and childish but it seemed like it was a big deal.
Was it?

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  • Sounds like she was signaling that she has feelings for you. If you are open to it, she is probably open to an affair. Are you?

  • Sometimes the smaller things in life mean more to us than big things. Someone holding your hand and knowing what and how you feel can be enough to make you feel content inside, as if someone understands you. So yes, to you this could of been a big deal.

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