I get crushes too easily

I (teenager female) get crushes too easily.
I confessed to a boy, let's call him M. I like M. He's chubby but seems nice and cool. When I gave M my number, he was a bit awkward, but that's ok. Im not attractive. I have glasses and aren't as skinny as the others (Thanks my mom's side of fatasses) but I have an ok personality and I can shake my **. When he didn't want to come to the dance, I went anyways. I had been with a boy before (lets call him Dom) Dom was an **, and so was my frenemy. I went to the dance, and no one recognized me. It was super embarrassing. I overdressed and looked like a doll. Thanks to my ma. Anyways, I see another boy. I've had a crush on him since 5th grade. His friends teased me and him, and he blushed (I think) before walking away. I shook my ** and grinded on my best friend, G, near him. I asked near the end of the dance to dance with him and he said no. When I asked his friend why he said no, he said that I wasn't his type. I feel really stupid. He's in my Spanish class. He probably thinks I'm a **. I'm already known for being too excited and jumpy and a total weird **. Idk what to do.

May 28

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  • You’re overcompensating. First thing you said about yourself is that you’re unattractive, have glasses and are not as slim as you’d maybe like BUT you have a good personality and can shake your **. I think you’re insecure about how you look, so you try to be very outgoing so that people will like you. It’s a long time since I was a teen, but I remember being disappointed with my looks at the time and wondering if I’d ever hook up. Now when I see old photos of me, I wonder how I could ever have thought as I did about how I looked. I’ve been married 25 years, and have three nice kids, one of whom must be your age.

    First-you are almost certainly prettier than you think. Second, cut way back on the bubbly, outgoing act, chill out, and try to present yourself as a bit more normal. You’re actually frightening the boys off rather than attracting them. Last, and this is important if you like a boy. Don’t throw yourself at him. Be a bit clever and be a bit patient. Find opportunities to have a normal conversation. Don’t make the conversation about you though-try to get him talking about himself, his life, what he’s interested in, what music he likes, his pain in the ** parents, and try to be interested (at least act interested) in what he has to say. Look for things you have in common and point them out. Hopefully he will be smart enough to read the signals and ask you out after a while unless he’s really shy.

    Good luck.

    Dance was probably a bit full-on for a first date. Some boys really don’t like dancing. If M is chubby (does that mean “pretty fat”?) he may have insecurities about how he might look, especially dancing.

  • You are clearly an easy **. No wonder why they dont like you

  • Have you ever been ducked by any of them?

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