I don't know what to be when I'm older...

I live in the North of Spain but I have an Irish mum. My house is an english speaking household. I have always felt like I belong somewhere else. I have a good singing voice and I adore singing. I swear if I lived in the UK or Ireland, I would go to the voice or Xfactor and try my luck but... I don't. I have no clue what to do with my life. I' m too young to be feeling like this. I'm confused, I don't know what I want to be when I'm older. I might start making music videos and posting them on youtube... Although I did go to a sort of music school when I was a little one, but it was too stressful for me, I was 7! Plus I wouldn't want my singing career (which still might not actually be want I want to do!) to be in Spain. Wow this was longer then I thought it would be, sorry. Goodbye!

Feb 17, 2015

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  • Your lucky you live in Spain and lucky you can sing. Sometimes the grass feels greener on the other side but trust me your better off in Spain than Ireland or UK. You won't suddenly be a superstar if you move back. Your be lucky to get a job here! The economies dead. Just cheer up and be thankful for the things you have. You only live once. You need to love yourself before you can love anybody else. Look in the mirror and love yourself otherwise you'll never love anything.

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