Wife's actions seem strange to me.

We had her sister in law over for a threesome. We got up the next morning and had breakfast alone. We left her sister in law sleeping in our bed.
She ask me to go in and wake her up, while in there give her a long hard ride. I ask if she was coming, she said she wanted to listen to the sounds from the hall.
I did what she ask me, I stuck her long and hard.
Since then She has ask me to do her sister in law alone a few times. Now she tells me that its an opening for me any time I want.
She feel sorry for her sister in law, her brother is so fat his heart might give out. So she thinks its ok for me to keep her satisfied as well.
I do not think my wife is s******* around on me at all. I would bet my life on that. But it seems strange to be given the freedom to stroke another woman, and do it in our own bed.
While my wife listens from the hall way. She told me she got off watching us have s**. But when she closed her eyes the sounds did more for her.

Feb 17, 2015

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  • My wife is into watching me.. she lets me pick up and bring home women. Waitresses, moms from our kids schools, etc. Loves that I use them and she can listen or watch, sometimes with the girl not even knowing she's in on it. Even comes in to suck and ride me once I send them home. She usually joins in on the fun, but just wants to watch me use them like s**** on a lot of occasions. Keep her happy and enjoy!

  • Look up Cuckqueens. It's rare type of person to find. If you're happy with the situation, have fun!

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