i tried to strangle myself to death a

i tried to strangle myself to death a week after my last birthday. i am 14 years old. nobody knows.

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  • everyone hated their life when they were 14. i remember vividly. its the worst age one can live through. only three years later, im 17 now, and im a much much happier person than i was at 14 when i wanted to die

  • Life sucks at 14. I used to run into traffic only to be dodged, slit my wrists, only to have someone find me, now that I am 22, I look back and realize that I lost a part of myself doing this. It wasnt worth it because I was letting others get in the way of my own happiness. Once I built my own self confidence up and started loving myself, life became worth it, and you will see the same. Give it a shot, you have so much to live for you dont even know it. I promise you it will get better, trust me, I came from a horrible situation.

  • Sweetie what wrong? Enjoy life find something in it to love maybe this will keep your mind off your suicidal desires. It is in a way selfish to harm yourself when their are plenty of people out there you could someday be of importance to. Is your goal to hurt others, because that is all suicide does. I've lost three friends this way.

  • You should tell someone, really. You are loved and you may either feel scared of that or feel happy about that. Either way its true. S**** tough when your 14. I know it. belive me, i know it.
    tell a friend you want some help. you need to.

  • You can't strangle yourself to death. It's not physically possible. Try jumping off a building or something that actually works. Just kidding, you're way to young to want to kill yourself. Anything you belive is worth dying over now is going to seem so stupid an pointless in a few years. Trust me, you'll grow out of it.

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