I am not sure I am ready for this weekend.

My husbands younger sister and her boyfriend have invited me over. The plan is we will have food delivered and have a few drinks. After the three of us will have our way with each other. I am staying until Monday morning and sleeping in their bed.

I gave her boyfriend a b******* at a party, and I have seen her nude many times. Her mom and I are nearly the same age. I married her oldest son and he likes over women. The problem is due to his weight he can not preform well at all in bed.

She is a sweet girl and wants to have a three way and not have her boy friend fall in l*** with some girl her own age. He is the same age as my young husband. and he has a tool and knows how to use it. I have heard them in bed and wondered if he would s**** her all night long. I want some of that, h*** i need a lot of that. She told me that I will get all I want this weekend.

Here is the problem, She and I are to go down on each other as well as with him. I have know this girl since she was a small child. Its a bit strange to think of her as a woman for me to suck her p****. I can close my eyes and let her suck mine, thats not the problem. But i like to see the woman as I eat her to know how she likes it.

I have taken home young girls from work and some older ones. Where he can not do a lot, its up to me to give the girls satisfaction. For them to satisfy me. I like that part. H*** I could trade my husband for a good woman tomorrow. But I want to keep what i have.

If it works out ok I will let you know how it works next week.

Feb 20, 2015

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  • The one thing I thought was odd is that it's the husbands sister.

  • This is a mess. There is counseling available for such problems. Psychologically, it sounds like you might benefit from talking to a professional about what you are doing. It is, well, aberrant behavior.

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