My wife

At the birthday of my wife last week i did something she dont know.
while she whas drinking wine and all kind of alcohol she started to get drunk and more and more drunk. when my wife gets drunk she will pass out at the end.
we had fun with her 2 brothers and some friends the whole night. arround 1 in the morning my wife whas at that point that she had enough alcohol, but she told no, im having a party and i will get drunk.
i told her you allready are and she say well i thats so i dont care, all visit whas allready gone, her brothers stayed becouse they where sleepover for the night.
at once she took of her shirt, and stand in middle of the room half naked. i dont care, they seen it before when i whas young she say.
she still whas drinking, and after a hour she finaly passed out.
We laught becouse of that and i made a joke to her brothers, that this whas the moment i would f*** er ass becouse she would not feel the pain. one of her brothers said, you say it now but ill bet you dont do it.
So i stand up, walked to my wife, put up her dresss slide her undies off and lay her on her belly on the couch..
i opened my pants and sticked my c*** deep inside her ass. i whas f****** her, and her brothers where watching. i told her brothers to join and f*** my wife. at first they where scared becouse ok its their sister. but after a while watching me f*** her one of her brothers stands up and say for god sake let me i cant hold it. i stand up and he f***** her ass, after a while e also f***** her p**** and came deep inside her.
the other brother whas next he f***** her hard and also came insideher p****. i f***** her again and came in her ass.
after we finished we let her lay there and went to sleep. in the morning my wife whas showering and i joined her. what did you do with me she asked, and i told her that me and her both brothers f***** her the whole night. she started laughing and didnnt believe that her brothers did that. she still doesnt know that what i told her realy happend. next month its my birhtday, i allready invited her brothers again.

Feb 21, 2015

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  • F*** off you lying c***

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