I got home about three am day, and found my roommate passed out on our living room floor in just her thong and tshirt, looked like she rolled off our couch. She was on her tummy with her wide beautiful ass showing, we moved in together because weve always been just friends but after I saw her ass finally I got very hard very fast, I wanted to help her so I tried to get her to wake up, but it wasn't working so I figured I'd just try lift her so I turned her into her back I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra so I grabbed a cheap feel, they felt pretty good.she still didn't move so I tried sitting her up and that finally did it she was looking at me and I could tell she was soo out of it I told her we have to move her on the couch, she said yeah and I helped her up then she put her hands on the couch while she was bent over and started pushing her ass back into me, she felt how hard I was, and started rubbing her ass up and down my shaft. It took all I could to tell her that she was too drunk. She asked what was wrong with me, I just said you're way too drunk, let's do it later. She said alright. When I helped her lay down she grabbed my head and kissed me very hard and passionately, about as passionate as a drunk person can be I guess. After about 7-8 hours I got up and went to the kitchen she was sitting at the table drinking coffee and said she was very hungover I just said oh yeah you were pretty drunk I turned around from the fridge and she was standing behind me smiling, and asked you wanna f*** now?

Feb 23, 2015

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