Consumed by hate

My male colleagues received up to twice the salary raise I got this year. I have been working just as hard and harder than some of them, saved their assets a couple of times, corrected their mistakes and and kept the organization running smoothly. My boss told me he valued me, that I was great for the company and he really appreciated my hard work. Then he told me he needed me to smile more at work, but and gave me the lowest raise of all. Now I'm all consumed by hate over the patriarchy, and all the things that my workplace has done to keep me and non-white friends down while rising the white men up. With this final insult that I'm such a valued employee, but only worth half of the men... I lie awake at night boiling in anger. Thirty years of being oppressed, and it's boiling over now. I want to scream my boss in his face how much I hate him and all other men who are oblivious of how to stomp over women and minorities. I think that makes me the most angry, that he doesn't even know he does it. That he thinks he has valid reasons to expect twice the work from me. That he doesn't know he expects me to dress nicely and smile to be worth more, while he doesn't care what the men wear or if they have bad days. I keep it my secret how I hate the patriarchy with the force of a thousand suns, because if anyone knew I would be belittled, laughed at, cursed at and get death threats. My male friends understands and agrees with my frustration, but they can never understand how deep my hate goes.

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  • I feel your pain. Do not get angry - do something about it! First of all - do not 'save' their a**** any more. Let them suffer their s****-ups. Document everything - all you do, all you have done for the company. Can you go talk to your manager's supervisor? You could talk to him (probably a him) and let him know that you are dissatisfied with your raise given all that you do for the company (have your documentation handy).

    Also, update your resume and start looking for another job. There are companies out there that do treat their employees right. I know it is hard with the economy the way it has been for the last 5 or 6 years, but there are finally some hiring going on. Having a job, you will be able to find one easier than one who does not. I know that it is daunting being in your late 40's or early 50's and there are also lots of companies who do practice age discrimination, but there is not much you can do about that. Just keep on looking until you find a better job. Good luck!

  • You ducking s*** c*** w**** b****

  • It is definitely time for a new job. It sounds like you have tons of experience and a stable work history. There are many other employers who would value that. Don't let the toxic environment which you are in create health problems for you.

  • Have you asked why you're raise was not equal to what your male coworkers raises are? It's such a catch-22 because in most workplaces it's frowned upon to talk salary with other co-workers. If your male coworkers are getting paid more money for the same job and you've been there for the same amount of time.. you have a case. Either pursue it and negotiate a higher raise, take them to court or find another job. And maybe this is just the sign that you need, that it is time for you to move on.

  • You're only oppressed if you allow yourself to be. Quit, find another job. If not, then you're to blame, not them.

  • F****** bullshit

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