Wife's new mission.

My wife and I like to venture outside the confines of regular marriage, As in we like to f*** other people, It all started when we were still dating, She was 22 and I was 25, I worked away a lot and gave her permission to sleep with other people and she knew I was doing and just said she didn't want to know about it, Never to talk about it and NEVER to bring it home in any way shape or form. I got a job in town which meant no more going away, At first it was kind of awkward, Every so often a guy would knock on the door and it was obvious he had been there before, A few drunk booty calls in the middle of the night and finally it started to slow down.
I asked her one night how many guys she had been sleeping with while I was away and she said "Not a lot, Like...4" which was over a 3 year period. I asked her if she was still sleeping with any of them and she said one, She felt guilty and she stopped, Or so she said, Who knows.
Then...One night we were out and a guy came up, Introduced himself and asked if he could dance with my wife, I agreed and I could tell from the way they were talking that she had been banging him, When she came back I brought it up and she said it was the guy she had most recently been with and he just wanted to talk, I asked if he wanted to f*** her and she said "Well...I am sure that is the result he was hoping for but...", I said "But what" and she looked at me, I said "Bring him home", She just stared and I said "Go...Before he finds someone else".
So that night he came home with us and I watched as he pounded the s*** out of her, I was a little surprised how much I liked it and she was blown away by the fact I actually did like it at all. We had him over a few more times and then he met someone else so my wife and I decided to start looking for a new toy for her. Over the next 5 years it was off and on and in that time we had 3 kids (yes they are all mine) Timing assures that. we live in a not real big city and everyone is always up in everyone elses bussiness so her rule was (Never in our home town) Now we are 32 and 35 and my wife is still smokin hot, Short, Cute and sexy as hellll.
Anyway my wife has a great body, Just soft curves, Round and jiggly booty, great legs, Small saggy b**** but hey, She has had 3 kids. We go away once or twice a year, sometimes she gets railed, Sometimes not. All depends on where and what we are doing, I love to watch her pick up guys and even more I love to watch when she gets them back to the room, On new years we had stayed home and gone out with friends. I had hinted at a couple different guys and she said "No...Not at home", Our kids were at her parents and there was no one home, I said "Why not" and she said "Really?, You think everyone in town wouldn't know if we left here with someone", I said "What if...Now just hold on...What if...I could guarantee no one would know?", She scoffed and said "Then I would rock that guys world" and nodded toward a guy.
I looked at him and said "Really?, Him?", she giggled and said "Yeah, He was flirting hard out on the dancefloor earlier and I could teach him a thing or two". My wife has always been into guys similar in age to us and this guy was way out of her range, I would guess he wasn't much over 18 which is legal bar age here, I already had it in my mind she was going to get pounded by him and just had to figure out how, While she was in the washroom I managed to attract his attention and he sat down, before I even finished my proposal he was like "Yeah, Yes, For sure". I laid out how to make it happen and he agreed to it.
My wife and I were ready to pack it in for the night and said goodbye to the only other couple left that we had gone there with, Poured her friend who was with us into the cab and she passed out right away, We were pulling out of the parking lot and I looked over at her friend who was in the middle of us, She was s*** faced and wearing a nice little dress, She's a bit of a chubby girl with great big jugs, Her b**** were squishing out the top of her dress and if she hadn't gotten trashed and passed out I am sure she could have got laid quite easily, We were driving across town to her place and I was looking down at her b**** jiggling, My wife whispered "Hey..." I said "What?", My wife said "You're drooling" and we both giggled. I had my arm on the back of the seat and put it around her friend then poked her cleavage, My wife looked at me and shook her head "No", I smiled and stuck a finger between her b**** and my wife whispered "Hey now", she's asleep. My wife had mentioned previously about maybe bringing a girl home but we just hadn't done it, Believe it or not it's harder to convince a girl than a guy.
We were about 5 blocks from her friends house and I put my hand on her friends skirt, I lifted it and took a little peek, I looked at my wife and mouthed "She's commando", My wife whispered "No she isn't" I nodded and put my hand on her knee, I spread her knees and leaned forward taking a little peek, I looked at my wife with a surprised look and whispered "Holy f***, She has a nice p****". My wife looked at me with wide eyes and said "Stop it...What if she wakes up?", I whispered a little louder while looking at her friend "If she wakes up I'll f*** the s*** out of her", I reached to touch her friends p**** and my wife flicked my hand away saying "Don't be gross...She's sleeping" so I closed her legs.
We got to her house and had to help her inside while the cab waited for us, I helped her onto the bed and she laid face down, I leaned over and could see right up her dress and see her p****, My wife slapped me and we left. We got back into the cab and headed to our place, I was super excited and my wife had no idea but she was super h**** in the cab, She was rubbing me through my pants and talking dirty about her friend, She was asking if I was wishing I was in her friend from behind, I nodded, She said "She does have a nice p**** doesn't she?", I nodded and she said "Maybe I should talk to her" and I nodded more.
We got home and timing was perfect, I was getting my wife all worked up when their was a knock on the back door, She looked at me as I opened the door and in stepped the guy from the bar, She panicked and closed all the blinds and I said "Don't worry, He got dropped off at the end of the block", I don't think I have seen her that nervous in a long time but she warmed up fast. She drug him to the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed, She ripped off his pants and moaned, He wasn't super big but good size, She was ravaging him while I got comfortable and then she said "Do you have a girlfriend?", I don't know why but it caught my attention, He was all nervous and was like "Uh..Uh..Uh" and my wife said "It's ok if you do", He said "Yeah, I do" and my wife said "Do you have any pictures of her?".
I didn't know where my wife was going with this and she had never asked anyone before but he said he did, He pulled out his phone and showed my wife, She looked at the phone and said "Oh, She is cute" and showed me, She said "Have any...Naked pictures?", He said "Uh, A few" and she scrolled through them, My wife said "Wow, Nice rack, She looks familiar", He told her where she worked and my wife stopped and looked at me, I said "What?" and looked at the phone, I had seen her tons of times and my wife had seen her before as well since she is a cashier at a store we go to. All three of us looked through the pictures and she came to a video, She looked at him and he got red faced, She said "Please tell me this is what I think it is", He nodded and my wife jumped up, She turned on the TV and sent the video to it.
My wife and him nailed hard while watching a video of him f****** his girlfriend, He came on her stomach and then she kept right on him, She asked him "Does she let you come in her mouth?", He shook his head no, She asked if she lets him lick her ass, Finger her ass, T** f*** her, and so on and it was all no. As it turned out they had just started and he was her first, So far just missionary and only about 6 times, My wife went wild training him, He tossed her salad, He fingered her bum, He had her on her back with her legs in the air and said he was going to come. She said "In my mouth" and he pulled out, He didn't even have time to get it in her mouth and he blew his load. All over her face, Hair, t*** and stomach, I had a towel handy and she cleaned up then f***** him one more time.
He comes over once a week or once every two weeks with a new video now and she is so f****** hot, So cute and giggly and her t*** are huge for her body, he has started taking direction from my wife as to what she wants to see, We watch videos of him licking her little pink ass hole now, T** f****** those huge t*** with big puffy nips, She gags when she swallows and it's so hot. Last night my wife asked if he wanted to tag team his girlfriend with me like we do with her sometimes and he said "Very much".
This may be the best night of my life if my wife can work a fourway with (Cassie)

Jan 4, 2020

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