Ungrateful Stepdaughter

I've about had it with my stepkids. I met my wife in 2004. I was living alone in a 2 bedroom trailer. She had 4 kids. Things weren't going well in her marriage,so she left her man for me.

We lived in the 2 bedroom for a while and in 06 I bought a 4 bedroom trailer down the street,as we needed the space. I married my now wife in 08 (a full 2 years AFTER I purchased the house.)I've had a hard time with my stepkids. The oldest is a non responsible freeloader who can't function (literally) unless others do things for him. I refuse and my wife resents me for that. He's 23...time for him to figure it out.

My oldest Stepdaughter recently started posting things on her moms FB page relating to "If I talked to my parents like some kids talk to thier parents,I wouldn't be alive."

I called her out and left a comment saying that she obviously has forgotten all the rotten disrespectful things she told me growing up.

She PM'ed me and let me have it..
I'm a piece of s***,I never helped her mom. I provided a roof over the head of a woman and her 4 kids BEFORE we got married...I went $104K in debt for this chick and her kids...I provided them with College and Medical through my Disability status with the VA.Sad how people never see what you actually have done. I pay the Mortgage,and half the utilities. My wife buys groceries and toiletries and pays the other 1/2 of the utilities.

I'd say we're even...my wife always gives me crap about how this is "my house"...on paper...legally it is...and as long as I'm treated like s*** by her and her kids,there's no way I'm putting my wife on the deed.

Tonight I saw where her oldest adult daughter wrote on my Wife's Facebook about how my wife raised her kids,put clothes on thier back,food on the table and a roof over thier heads WITHOUT ANY HELP.

I again commented like "So where do I fit in this.?" I came into thier lives in 04. I sternly told my wife that I hope her kids don't have some kind of bad luck and need a place to.live because they aren't moving in here...her response was a look as to say "Wanna Bet"

Last time I let her daughter move home we all sat down and discussed it...I expected a flat $75 per paycheck,giving her and her boyfriend a month to catch up and get back on thier feet. We all agreed and when it came time to collect,no money. My wife gave me h*** for trying to enforce the agreement and to just leave her be...

Wife is CONSTANTLY making excuses for her kids...wife goes grocery shopping and asks if there's something in.particular I want...buys it but gives it to her kids when they dont have any money,then b****** because she has no money and there's no food in the house...this marriage is maddening and I wish I had money to hire a lawyer...I'm so miserable I just want out of this horrible dysfunctional marriage...The Gaslighting drives me insane...HELP!!!

Mar 9, 2015

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  • When are people going to fvcking learn about marrying people with rugrats? The step-parent will ALWAYS come in second, no matter how much they do or pay. Always, always. I don't need fvck trophies or a second wife in my life to know that-- how is it a surprise for these fools, over and over again?

    Oh, right. Just answered my own question. The keyword here is FOOLS.

  • You don't need our advice, you know what to do.If you don't like the situation you're in, you don't have to put up with.

    Good luck!

  • Time to kick the freeloading b**** and her ungrateful kids to the curb. If you want to try and save it, insist on joint counseling and give her an ultimatum at the counselors: either the attitude changes and you put me above your kids, or you can find someplace else to live.

  • You're just making the situation worse for yourself by commenting on her posts. She's looking to get a rise out of you and is succeeding. And you're blaming her for things she said as a child. Really? Who is the adult here? As much as you feel you need and deserve a "Thank you" or acknowledgement for your contribution, you did it willingly. There wasn't some gun to your head. Stop keeping score. You committed to a woman with FOUR children. You provided for them as you should. Are you really looking for an award? Stop acting like a wounded child. Get off of facebook and stop trying to plead your case and get credit for doing what you should do when you marry a woman with four kids. Did you think that they were just going to accept you as their father? You're not him. It doesn't matter if he is a piece of s*** or present or not present..that is their father. It sounds like there is a lot of resentment going on. Is the reason why she's posting because you are demanding rent? Think you need to own your part in all of this too. It's one thing to say you contributed whatever, but you are equal part to the negative dynamic happening. So don't think you are an angel here. Once you do that, you can do a couple of things. First figure out if you want to make things work with your wife. You guys need to get on the same page with a lot of things. Maybe why she is such an enabler to her children is because she feels so crappy for what shes put her children through. Meaning she left her marriage and put her kids through a divorce and immediately shacked up with you and expected all of you to get a long and be one big happy family. That s*** doesn't just happen. It's work. And it sounds like the word didn't happen. But if it is a yes to make things work between you two - create some common goals and begin to stop enabling the adult children in a negative way. If not, meet with a lawyer for an hour or so and find out what you can do. At least you can begin to get some clarity..

  • Get the lawyer. Work out a payment plan. Get away from these horrid freeloaders and ungrateful drama magnets. It's not going to get better. You need to get away before they drive you insane. I wish you luck in dealing with an incredibly difficult situation, and unbelievably "entitled" people.

  • Stupid f****** c***

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