I went out with this girl for 2 years

I went out with this girl for 2 years. I needed a break but instead I dumped her because she always said breaks never work.

Fast foreward 2 months later. I had my time apart and I was my old self again. So I go to ask her back out and her best friend tells me she's seein her ex again (the guy before me) but he didn't know if he wanted a serious relationship or not. So a couple days ago I showed up at her house with flowers and told her how I felt. I hadn't seen her that happy in a year or so.

So she takes me back and everythings fine and dandy until she tells her ex about what happened. He threatens my life and how he wants to put me in a coma yada yada yada. Now she's scared that the way her ex is actin is gonna break us up again and no matter how many times I tell her no she thinks its gonna be our downfall. Any suggestions on how to calm her down?

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  • First: Why did she tell her ex what happened? It doesn't sound like she's entirely let go of him, considering it was to HIM she immediately returned during your "break."

    Second: How does her ex's behavior have the power to "break [you] up again?" If your relationship is solid-- and honestly, it doesn't sound like it is-- someone else's behavior shouldn't have the power to interfere with it.

    You need to rethink this whole thing-- your desire for a break, her return to the ex, her telling the ex, suggesting the ex can break you up again, and so on.

  • Kick his ass! If you can't, your a btich!

  • Prepare to take a lump and press charges and all that jazz. Explain your love is worth it. The other guy thinks you're muscling in on his girl, so its up to your girl to dump him because of his jealousy issues and that she doesn't need to be controlled like property. She can do what she wants. Prepare to have police involvement. Its all about her.

  • This whole relationship was setup to fail the second you dumped her to see other girls. Now you think it is okay that she saw this other dude then broke up with him like nothing... idiots.

  • Kill the ex. That's the only permanent solution

  • Punch the ex in the nose.

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