So scared

I did my first s** today. I am so scared I am pregnant because he only wore one condom. Please give me advice

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  • Hiv d*** inside your s***** slot you s***

  • You sound like a fun girl. Wanna go on a date?

  • Not sure what you mean by only wearing "one condom". Does that mean he came in you multiple times but only came inside of one condom? Or does it mean he shot off in you once, then pulled it off, but did you again later? Or do you somehow think that he should have worn more than one condom per penetration? It sounds to me like you did everything you were supposed to do, but I'd like to be sure of your meaning before giving you any kind of answer. Thanks!

  • no, of course not: you aren't pregnant. if you liked the s**, or if you just like the boy who did you, then let him do you again. s** is for fun. you took the proper precautions, so you're cool. take the precautions again and have s** again. your going to LOVE it!

  • You could only possibly be pregnant if the condom broke, or if it got punctured before he put it on. Otherwise, relax . . . no problems. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy him. Again. And again.

  • You stupid f****** s***

  • One is enough kid...

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