She wants me

Her name is sophie and she is fast approaching sixteen. And i know its wrong but i picture her even when im teaching in a lesson and im ment to be one hundred percent proffesional.If you havent of already guessed im a teacher a p.e teacher as a matter of fact and most awkardly a bisexual teacher who pines after her student.

i remebered how it all began it was my first day of work at st madelines school i was already running late to leave the house so i took a short cut to the back of the school gates, but they were locked in a rush to not make a bad impression on my first day i decided to climb over after all i am a p.e teacher and a simple gate should be a peice of cake. i managed most of the gate when my foot slipped and there i was dangling in mid air and to make matters worse my top had risen all the way to my neckline revealing my 34c lacy black bra and one of my nipples had struggled free how humiluating. All of a sudden i heard a shriek of laughter coming from one of the nearest halllways i looked in that direction to find two school girl peering over at me obviously highly ammused at my prediciment i shouted to them and oredered them at once to help me or i would tell there head of year that i caught them bunking thier lesson .

one of the girls must of bottled it as only one girl came out to free me . as she approached i took in her features she was 5.4 not to tall with an average sized body but as i gazed into her eyes i felt paralysed she had had such beautiful light grey eyes like the colour of a dolphin and her face was so remarkably pretty i began to feel slighty uncomfortable that she could see me like this it took me sevral seconds to tell my brain to snap out of it i was the teacher and the way i was looking at her was highly inappropiate

with my feet firmly on the ground i rearranged my self and then thats when she blushed vividly and innocently said sorry miss for laughting at you. to which i asked what is her name and which lesson was she bunking off. she mumbled sophie and p.e i was highly amused to find out that she was bunking from the lesson i was to teach her as off toommorow so i gave her a warning and told her that i was her p.e teacher as off next year and she do well not to miss my lessons or she will find herself in dention. i had this feeling she wasnt paying attention to a word i said so i asked her to repeat what ive said , to which she respounded every word i had said word perfect the only thing is she had been blatently checking me out the whole time i opened my mouth to tell her that my face was up here and not down there but the words didnt come out instead i found myself telling her that she needed to dissapear out of my sight if she didnt want me to tell on her.

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  • No way this is a teacher. The idiot does not even know that the word "I" is capitalized/

  • I'd say if this is true at the very least wait until she leaves school, then maybe discuss possibly starting a relationship. the age gap shouldnt be a problem but just wait until she leaves the school in order to not break that trust between a teacher and their student

  • So go for it

  • She's a f****** c*** bag the f****** s***

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