Looking at the sheer immensity of the universe

The universe is so huge that if there is a god the planet earth and its inhabitants cannot be his greatest creation.

Looking further through the eyes of science I see no need for a god for creation including the creation of life to happen. Some people point to the complexity of DNA as evidence for intelligent creation but all I see is evidence of trial and error via evolution over a period of billions of years.

I see no reason to worship some sort of vague man in the sky person that no one can see.

There is no afterlife. No heaven, no ** nothing beyond this life.

Prayer and a false hope in a better life after this one is a waste of time.

Rejoice in this the only life you can ever have. Many things could have happened to prevent you from ever existing.

Next Confession

Sly **

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  • Why are all atheists dumbasses? Shut up. That was rhetorical, dumbass.

  • Dumbass.

  • Have any of you tried DMT yet?

  • Scientists still cannot explain the rh negative factor in blood why is that?

  • Scientist couldn’t explain why the sun goes across the sky thousands of years ago now we understand it we don’t need a god of the gaps

  • You do not need to look at the universe alone to prove Christianity is true. What about all of the prophecies that have come true, the physical proof that Jesus existed, taught, and died. All the same, I hope that the holy spirit will reach your hearts and show you the way through this dark world. May God bless you all.

  • What about all the other religions and “prophesies” that they claim to be true?? No word on that huh

  • If you knew anything about science you would know that mathematicians have proven the existence of an intelligent designer. This world is simply too complex to have been an accident or trial and error. For example if the atomic weight of hydrogen varied by the most infinitesimally amount, life on this planet would not be possible.

    Have you never wondered why this planet is so perfect for life? Gravity is just right, air is just right to breathe and there is plenty of water and food.

    Ask yourself why? And how? Could it really all be just an accident or happened by trial and error?

  • Ummm this started with a completely false premise in that “mathematicians proved the existence of a creator”, if that were the case there would be actual facts on a god but as always there isn’t just a bunch of morons with false claims

  • Oh for shame. All of those lies about PROOF. Bullcrap. Ask yourself why and how? Sure. Answer yourself with some supernatural being who made the entire universe and whatever else and made it all a few THOUSAND years ago. Made the earth FIRST!!!! Before Light!!!!! Do not think this person is telling you facts!!!! Do not fear what comes next.There have been hundreds of gods invented in humans curious imagination. Now the majority of "believers" have narrowed it down to one. One that decides who wins the game. Who dislikes ** if not married. Who has decided you should not say certain words or eat certain food. Or do such and such on this day. YEAH THAT IS WHAT IT MUST BE. Ridiculous. Your brain is working just fine. We still do not know. That is too scary for many. Religion comforts them.

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