I hate God for killing and destruction and death.

What were Gods first intentions for his creation if nobody ever sinned with the freedom God created them with? Would there be no killing or Death or destruction? How would the earth be if Adem and Eve never sinned, or would there be an Earth at all?

Oct 16

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  • Read the bible and you will learn that Satan is the current god of this world. Armageddon is when the GOD of Israel takes it back and ends this world's suffering.

  • God is using us for his enjoyment, he loves to watch us suffer while demanding is to worship him. The devil is running rampant on earth and he is not doing anything about.

  • Strange that you hate someone who doesn't exist.

  • Kinda boring and pointless I would think. If everyone down here just frolicking about and singing praises all day. God could have given us the same brain he used in deer or turtles.

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