Sly **

I was an intern at X company. 2 weeks later, another intern joined us. Before she came there were 5 of us in the team including myself. Everything was great and I was doing my best. I remember on the first day she came, I had a not so good feeling. She asked me for lunch on the next day and we went. Turns out she thought I was a permanent staff, not an intern. And she started to dig out information about the team and what I've been doing. It's all cool, the thing is she didn't ask me out for lunch again after that. She had an 6 months internship before but told me she did nothing much, just hella reports so she wanted to try a smaller company so that she can do more. Since we're both interns, we had to work together often for certain projects. She was such a pain in the **. She was sly, overly-confident and had to do things her way. Teamwork isn't in her dictionary. It was so annoying and frustrating as she thought she was so great. Once, a colleague gave us a project and told us to split the work. So we did. I did my part, however she didn't do hers properly. End up I had to finish her mess. AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN REALISED IT. DUMBASS. And that project was an urgent one, he thought she was doing all the work and even told me in an unfriendly tone - can you help? I was sending her the crucial information for her to fill in her lack of proper work. And all she did was smirk at me when he said that. Worst, on Secret Santa she didn't come to work so I had no present. I left hers on her table and the next day when she came she was shocked and told me hey i got something to tell you, i'm your secret santa - i'll bring yours tmr. oh you ** dumbass of course I already know, everyone knows. You're just saying that cause I put your present on your table and everyone in the team kept asking where was mine. P.S she forgotten about it the next day too. Turns out she gave me her used sling bag...
Sometimes people are so disgusting, it's truly annoying and I wish they get the punishment they deserve someday. She even got a place at the company. **, how life works.

Mar 29, 2015

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  • May be if you stopped being a ** and stood up for yourself, things would not have turned out that way. Man up.

  • Go through life with love and be happy. Be vindictive and you will grow old sad.

    You can't help people like her. Do your best.

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