The James shows the creation of the Universe and I don't see God

OK the James Webb telescope goes all the way back to the creation of the Universe and the creation of stars, galaxys and planets. Nowhere can a God be seen ?? This pretty much verifies atheism is true.

Jul 14

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  • Another anti-religion/No God screed from the same loser that spams this site with atheist drivel.

  • Yeah, you can see God with telescope... What are you 6 years old??

  • God is a spirit we feel with our hearts. He's not supposed to be seen with the naked eye. Heaven is a place that only the deceased Christians go when they pass away from this earth by being taken by the death angel in which humans can't see with the naked eye. Only the deceased can. The reason we humans can't see him with the naked eye is because he is testing to see who truly believes and who will obey his word and who will be worthy of his kingdom. I don't have to see him. I already know him by heart and I don't have to have any visual proof he exist. I always knew he exists. Things that happen do not happen for no reason at all. Scientists can't really come up with a good reason as to why people and other things exist other than the big bang theory and an explosion alone would not bring humans to life.

  • I'm an atheist but your characterization of the James Webb telescope pictures is flawed. It can look farther into the past but not to the creation of the universe. There's millions of years before what the telescope can see.

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