I don't know which is worse getting fired or laid off

I've been both fired and laid off. If you get fired its often but not always your fault. Its really bad if it is your fault because you are unable to collect unemployment.

If you get laid off you can collect unemployment but I believe it hurts worse to be paid off than it does to be terminated. The reason I fell that way is because even if you did a great job you are still being let go. People who are laid off have usually been on the job longer than if they had been fired and leaving friends is always a hard thing.

If your laid off you feel like your being punished for something you didn't do.

Everytime I've been laid off I have had problems with the next job and this has often led to being terminated which is no fun at all.

Jan 28, 2016

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  • Sorry to hear that you were laid off and I hope that you can eventually find work soon but getting fired is worse than being laid off. You can explain being laid off in one pithy sentence but try explaining being fired. The thing is this, try to volunteer somewhere or take any part time work possible. Someone will soon see your talent and offer you a new job or you can use your work experience to get one. Good luck, take good care and let us know how you're doing.

  • It's better to be laid off because that way employers look at you differently. Just make sure that people in your old job know that you were laid off and not fired because prospective employers often do "back door" reference checks. Call your last employer's HR person and make sure that people still working there are not selling you out.

  • Your last sentence makes no sense. I been both. To me it's the same. If they want you fired. You will get written up for little or no reason. Their way of documenting. Sucks. But employers are for themselves.

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