Caught jàcking off

I'm 16 and Last week, I had taken a day off from school just to relax and get caught up on some things around the house. At about 1:30 I sat down on my sofa, and decided that I wanted to watch some p*** before my sister got home. I put on my favorite girl on girl p*** and started going to town on myself. The problem is I forgot that my school had an early day, and as I am giving it to myself my 15 year old stepsister walks into the living room with two of her friends. I was embarrassed and hurried to put myself away. My sister was mortified, but her two friends had huge smiles on their faces. Later on I was upstairs, I walked passed my sisters room, I could hear her friends talking about how small my d*** was, and how they had never seen a d*** that small before. One of the friends even said that seeing it got her turned on. Well, lets just say hearing this got me all turned on again. I am not sure what to do, cause I would like to let them catch me again.

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  • If your b**** aren't to small, then try asking the girl who was interested to go out with you.

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