Obsessed with the idea of Addiction?

I’m kind of obsessed with the idea/want to become a drug addict. It’s not like a ‘cool’ thing or whatever, I just wish I could because it would help me get away from my world.

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  • I can totally understand wanting to take time out from the pressures of the world. I can't say about addiction to drugs because I have never tried. This is partly because I know that I do get totally hooked on some things and fear getting hooked on drugs. So I do some things like sport and physical exercise that is one of my escapes. For me personally I am not really into going to the gym because if I am like doing an exercise on a bike then my mind is thinking about all the things I need to do at work and I end up just going to work early. The other thing is kinky. Spanking. Its weird and like an addiction but it totally takes me away from the world. I have to get tied down to a bed or tied with my hands up so I cant get away Otherwise I would chicken out. This is called BDSM. In the BDSM world, it is normal to have a safe word and if you call that out then the person doing the thing has to stop. I talk to the person and say that I don't want a safe word. I want them to keep beating me even if I am screaming out. Pretty weird hey. I put up no resistance while I am tied up then they person will whip me or cane me or hit me with a belt. Sometimes there are some breaks in the skin but the they are not supposed to hit so hard as to break the skin but still it is unbelievably painful. Sometimes I have bruises that my whole bum is purple and brown and the bruising goes right down to the backs of my knees. I scream and sear and yell at them to stop and they keep hitting me. I struggle but the world is gone for that time. Then it is over and I feel a combination of exhaustion, clarity, relief, stupidity, guilt. Then about 3 weeks later and the bruising is gone and I just start thinking about getting it done again. Weird. I guess my addiction.

  • You know what else will help you get away from your world?

    A bike ride
    A movie
    A good book
    A job

    Trust me on this, addiction is not the way to heal, it will only delay the healing process, stunt your brain development, make you broke, and lonelier than you've ever been!

    Don't let what others have done to hurt you drive you to a world that you don't want to know!

  • I'd change my fantasy. During the course of my 68 years of life the biggest a******* I've ever known were dopers. Either that or drinkd.

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