Patiently waiting...

It's been seven years across 4 cities and two states. Can you stop pussyfooting around and either marry me or let me go. I've always been okay on my own, I won't drown. Is that what you think? I'll drown without you?

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  • Patiently waiting for what ..... Armeggedon, he has already proved to you that he isn't going to marry you!

    Move on and find a good man before you're an old hag that nobody wants - Good Luck!

  • Have to agree with the comment below. Maybe instead of you letting your future be dictated by this guy, why don't you decide to let him go? Why is it his choice? Have you two even discussed getting married? What reasons has he given you? 7 years..he should know. He's obviously in no rush, because there isn't a reason for him to rush. If you don't do something now, then you'll be waiting another 7 years. And depending upon how old you are..if you want children, that something else to consider. Don't let someone else put your life on hold. He may never be ready to be married. And if that is what you want, then you have to find a man who is ready.

  • Maybe he's not the one holding on to you. Maybe you're holding on to him.

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