I'm not the same person anymore. I used to be content with myself, but now i'm not. I used to think I was pretty, but lately I've been feeling, unattractive, inferior and very insecure. I used to think I was skinny compared to other girls, but now I can't stop thinking about losing weight. I never really cared about fashion. I used to like thrifting, but now all I want is new clothes and show a little more skin. My prom dress was simple and cheap, but after seeing my friend's dress I made my parents buy me another one. It was very expensive. The crazy idea of me becoming a model has been stuck in my head. I want to prove all the people who thought I was ugly or who never cared to notice me that i'm pretty. What bothers me is that none of this never really matter to me. I was a very smart girl who was aware about what happened around the world, but now all I care about is my looks.

May 2, 2015

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  • Looks are the first thing that others see. Look good and then they progress to getting to know you. Look good and they think you are professional. Trustworthy. It just gets more positive.

    Look like a slob and you will be treated like a slob. Actually it's more subtle than that. Look plain ordinary and you will be treated OK but thats it. Nothing special.

  • Looks fade then what?

  • Go on follow your dream.

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