i think religions are all bullshit

i think religions are all bullshit, things made up because people are sheep and need to have something to follow. i believe god has no religion and is a god of all people everywhere.

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  • I'd just like to point out those angered by your post that many Christan symbols were stolen from the Pagans. Just think about it.

  • ROCK ON!!! :D

  • where does that come into play with god or other religions ahole. that's the catholic explanation because people can't just accept that something just is, everyone needs to know who what where when and why. i think everyone just needs to chill the f*** out and stop looking for answers to everything.

  • yeah, after the "big bang" we all came to be from some primordial chemical ooze - yeah right...and oh yeah, it had to happen twice, once for males and once for females and oh yeah - they had to be close enough to find each other on this 23,000 mile wide globe we call earth - think it through - what are the odds of this really happening????

  • did i say it was horrible ? nah didn't think so. people can believe whatever they want as long as they don't force their beliefs on other people and aren't hurting themselves or others. i don't care if you think god is a purple llama wearing a crown, as long as you're a 'good' person you'll go to 'heaven'.

  • Define good? Ask a Muslim and good would be someone willing to kill and be killed for allah.

  • ^So, why is it so horrible for people to make up their own images and beliefs of God, as long as they are good people?

  • i don't know, i said i think. in my opinion it makes a lot more sense. in every country there is a differentdating religion, and that's because the people there make up something new for their inhabitants to believe in. humans are humans whichever way you spin it, all the same, all one god. the end.

  • Do you just makle up things about God to believe in? How do you know what is the correct view of God?

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