Fantasy love

I watched a movie the other day called forbidden love and it was a movie about a teacher having an affair with a student. i thought it might be a nice movie but it ended badly. fair enough the guy did the wrong thing with an underage girl and also he was married. but i knew a drama teacher at the college i went to and someone told me he was living with a girl who was only 15 a school love which seemed taboo, i said well how do you know its not his daughter they said oh no everyone knows they just think we don't. i was shocked cuz i sort of had a crush on this guy he was well into his 40s and i was shocked and just took it as heresay rather then pure fact. but i watched the movie and yes felt some things were inappropriate but there were some kind of cute things too.

every girl wants to be loved like that. its normal for a girl to want love and i kind of started having fantasies thinking about all the times i had crushes on teachers at law school and i went out night clubbing with some but nothing happened it was completely unromantic or sexual. but the movie got my fantasy juices going and just wishing i could have a relationship like that but i would be more smart this time and i am not her age anyway and i would not dob a guy in unless it was wrong. here it is i already have a crush on a gyno and i know its completely inappropriate and i even cry over him and i have been a b**** to him not meaning to be. things got out of hand and i did not mean to go so far out of control in my anger.

i don't want to see him hurt because of my mouth i don't what to say i feel so ashamed of myself ...

what would a good moral person do in this situation?

it would be wrong to do something sexual with him yet i fantasies often about him and love him in my heart. and also another man who is married. they probably hate me. i need someone to have s** with me who knows what they are doing and has medical knowledge in case i collapse or have a heart attack or fit etc

this is a lot to ask someone.

even if it was a one night stand or small affair...

i know it is capable to love two people at the same time and i have no shame about that ... its about trust and also making a bond and agreement with each other then all can cope with like a contract even... i love this actor but i don't know if i will ever meet him as he must be living in russia and language barrier but so what? he is cute what does that matter when you have the need for passion what has conversation got to do with passion right?

i need someone who knows what they are doing and i can feel good with and i need to be free to be able to maybe go to the other guy later or two at the same time or if i knew this gyno really loved me i would commit and be faithful. its a bother to be otherwise anyway. i would be faithful to the actor if he showed me a sign.

the problem is my age and because i am not as clever as those doctors they think i am not part of thier in crowd??? am i good enough for these men anyway or is it just my heart and fantasies. i need a good f*** excuse the french but i am blunt. i love these men easy as loving honey on a stick.

it would be a fantasy for me to have the gyno as my math and biology teacher but can i cope ? when will i know when or where he is? will he want that? other stuff complicated.


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  • You should tell him how you feel. He may want the same thing you do.

  • I'm a male high school teacher, 43, married with kids. Three years ago, I had an affair with a girl at my school. She was never in my class, but that wouldn't have mattered if it had come to light: it was wrong. But it's the age-old story: we want what we can't have. And then when it becomes available to us, we can't resist the urge to accept it. This wasn't a purely sexual relationship: I loved her and I believe (though she didn't say it) that she loved me. We engaged in some pretty risky sexual behavior, and not just the risk of getting caught. Toward the end of the second year of the affair, she missed a period. And then a second. Drugstore pregnancy tests were inconclusive and we couldn't go to a doctor. We were both scared out of our minds, but we began to plan how to handle the situation. I was prepared to leave my wife and marry the girl, and frankly, I was even looking forward to doing just that: just being with her would have more than offset losing my job and my family. We were starting to adjust to the idea, and then she got her period. Almost simultaneously, we realized we were playing with fire, both of us. And so we ended it. After about a month of relief, I started to wish she had been pregnant, and that we would have had to get married. I loved her and I still do love her. And I wanted her like crazy, and I still want her. I think that is what you were talking about when you spoke so beautifully of how you'd like to be loved. That's how I loved Marissa. It's how I still love her.

  • sick pedo freak.........should be in jail....or dead.

  • I should have pointed this out in my original response. The age of consent where we live is sixteen. When we began our relationship, Marissa was over seventeen, and was almost nineteen when it ended (with the pregnancy scare). So, she was legal, and if I hadn't been teaching at her school, there would have been no issue about her age. Or her maturity (she's very, very mature, sexually and in general, and she wasn't close to being a virgin when we started being intimate). So, the problem wasn't that she was underage: the problem was the rule that I couldn't date any student from the school at which I teach. I wouldn't have gone to jail for making love with her, but I damn sure would have lost my job. Lesson learned.

  • You are waaaaaaaay over-thinking this. S** is for fun and pleasure, and it is NOT to be taken so deadly seriously. Please go and talk to a counselor or therapist or something, and get straight on the level of commitment that s** requires. It's not life or death, by any means, unless your fear that you would "collapse or have a heart attack or fit etc" is based on some specific medical condition that you've been diagnosed with by a physician (not by internet diagnoses). Otherwise, stop taking s** -- and yourself -- so b***** serious. And go have some fun with the doctor first, and then the others thereafter. Be safe, but enjoy yourself.

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