Dinner is served.....

My sister in law came over to my mom's house for dinner with her husband who's my brother. My mother ask me to set the table for 9 people. When I was done setting the table I took the spoon I KNEW my sister in law would use. I want to the bathroom pulled down my pants, put the spoon between my p**** lips and rubbed it really h****** my c***. I f***** the spoon so to speak then I pulled up my pants and put the spoon back on the table exactly where she would sit. I then washed my hands and called everybody to the table, after we said grace I watched her pick up the spoon and put it in her bowl of soup then watched her put the spoon with my p**** juice in her mouth.
My sister in law is a stick up little b****... and she talks down to my brother alot. I may do it again if she doesn't behave herself.


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  • I have a sister-in-law like that, and, since I do the cooking, I had the chance to p*** in her soup. She never even noticed.

  • LOL!

  • You have serious mental issues - get help befor you give your own brother a disease - yuck!

  • You are worse than she

  • Next time, put it up your ass.

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