How do I tell my family?

I am 18 and I met someone online. Yes he is older than me, and there are a lot of other things that complicate it including the fact that I have not told my family because I believe that they would freak out and not let me talk to him anymore... I just don't know how to tell them, I really want to though because I think I may love him.

May 21, 2015

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  • Internet = scary!

    Please tell someone, write down phone #'s, print pic if possible - what if you end up in a s** trafficking ring.

    My niece was h*** bent on meeting this guy she met online, I gave her the same advice - and she and I agreed to a spot in her room where she would keep the info - she's still ok Thank God!

    Be Careful!

  • The guy is just looking to score with young girls.

  • So he is maaried and 50.

  • ^Sounds like a lot of drama for a new relationship. Does he have kids as well? And probably very close to your age? So, there aren't any other less complicated guys in your area that you can meet in person - that are single and closer to your age? Or even just single guys who are also 50? If you want to date him go ahead.. but why don't you tell him to call you when the divorce papers are actually signed. If it's really meant to happen, it can wait to happen until he's no longer married.

  • You are 18. You are legally an adult. You can date whomever you would like, you don't need permission. Of course, it's always an added plus to have your family support you. Considering that this is an online relationship. Be realistic about some things. Being in love is great and awesome, but there's also a point to where you have to make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground and your head is clear so you can ask yourself important questions. Have you actually met in person yet? Where does he live? Could this relationship actually work? Would you be willing/able to move closer - he to you? Big question - Are you certain he is who he says he is? Is he married? There are a lot of scams and catfishes out there and a lot of people can lie about their true identities and life situations. An online relationship is great but it can only go so far. Your feelings can totally change if you meet him in person and find that spark only exists online and you don't feel it in person. So before you get your heart totally wrapped in this person, figure these things out. How much older is he than you? Age doesn't always matter now that you are legal. But there can be some obstacles. You are just in a different stages of life..starting out, maybe entering college. Just remember that you still need to figure out who you are and do the things that 18 year olds do and figure out your path in life. If he's older, he's been there done that. When you get older, you become a bit more settled. And with you being 18, there's a lot of self discovery and development that still needs to happen. It can still work, but just be mindful that you need to pursue your own life and dreams. So meet him in person first and figure out how it would work in the real physical world. And then tell your family.

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