Bestfriends boyfriend

When I was younger I used to sit next to this kid in religious studies. One day he put his hand under the table and started gentle tapping my leg before he started tickling and massaging my leg right up to just before my shorts. He would then rub my c*** through my pants but I never let him go right on it until one day I wanted him too finger me I was super h**** but he didn't he just rubbed it and it felt so good. Next lesson he fingered me and felt my ass under the table he couldn't get he's fingers deep enough in me but it made me so wet. In return I would toss him off but he never came. We did this once a week for two years until graduation and never got caught.

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  • Love one from kindergarten to stroke mine and let me finger herpussy

  • Im glad you both enjoyed it. I spent much of my high school in fear because the queen bee would sit beside me and feel me up with her hand under my skirt.

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