Surprise for fiancee

We were playing cards one night having a few drinks when my fiancees best friend started running his hand up my leg this kept up for about 20min. I had a skirt on so thought I would go take my knickers off as I was starting to get wet. When I sat back down I opened my legs up under the table and slowly nudged his leg immediately his hand started up my leg again. I sunk a little in the chair and accidentally nudged our other friend leg. all of a sudden I have two male hands rubbing the inside of my thighs. My fiancee was across the table and I was trying to keep a straight face while the 2 guys were slowly rubbing my inner thigh getting closer to my wet moist p****.
Then omy there fingers touched. The look on my face must of been amazing the 2 guys just looked at each other and to my surprise neither one stopped. Then it happened my fiancee dropped something and bent over under the table to pick it up he stopped and glared oh s*** I thought. Next minute here he is under the table liking my c***. He slowly gets up and looks at the boys and said well come on f*** her..I had a c*** in my mouth a c*** in my p**** and my fiance licking my c***.. it was the best s** I have ever had.. and yes we have done it again.

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  • Nice!!! I hope you're not making this up. I'd like to think that there are still a lot of people having kinky s**.

  • Next time you need to try one in your a ss to experience a double penetration - and actually have all 3 holes filled.

    Has your fiancee talked about share you with others besides just these 2 guys?

  • Can you let me know where I can catch up with you I want to help you out with my fat c,ck as well

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