During last night's thunderstorms, I ran naked around my backyard.

It felt like being a kid again. I am 58 years old.

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  • Did this earlier this Summer with my hot older sister. We were on her porch, and she mentioned, as a joke, I think, "I love how the rain feels on my b****", flipping up her shirt (she did that a lot anyway; bit of an exhibitionist). We stood up from our chairs, and I challenged her to do it..Run from the porch, around the pool, topless, in the rain. She did, then, in return...Told me it was my turn, pull my shorts down, and run around in my boxers.

    Fine, I did..With nothing else to lose, we decided..Nothing this time. Naked. Porch, around pool, and shed, and back. Seeing her naked body, soaked in the rain, jet around the yard, flopping all over the place, was so fun!

  • Wasn't there a song with the lyrics, "dancing naked in the rain"?

  • During a heave rain I love walking thru the woods here naked. Feeling the rain upon me it makes my whole body tingle and everything smells so fresh.

  • You are living your life right

  • This put a smile on my face. Good for you!

  • Good on you!

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