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So im only 16, I still go to highschool, and I was at gym, and I return to the shared changing room to find my gym bag gone. I was p*****. I first thought that a b**** had stolen my shoes, dress, panties, bra, socks, waterbottle, new pair of tights i keep in there for backup, and my little baggy of pads and tampons. This s*** cost a lot so I went straight for the principal. We use the camera in the hallway to see who went in during PE class. Surprisingly, the only people that went in was a group of 3 guys all wearing hoodies to hide their faces. They suspiciously sneak in, and exit with only my bag. Why mine? I guess maybe they might be interested in me and wanted something personal to j******* with but between 3 people? The principal cant do anything but 2 days later, the i see my bag right at the foot of my locker in the morning. I was kinda scared to open it so I just put it back inside my locker. In last block I have gym and I forgot about what happened to I just went to the changing room with my bag. I get in there and open it remembering that I had my street clothes in there not my gym stuff. But even worse, I pull out my black and white stripped dress to find a hole cut in the crotch area and it is crusty white all over. There is even a huge still damp stain across the front and I drop it immediately. I was 100% sure it was p*** and c**. They had wore my dress with my scent on it just to humiliate it. I felt sick. But I still had the rest of my bag to go through. I take out my balled up pair of used socks, of course to find it seeping with c**. Too scared I just turn my boots upside down because I was sure some c** was in there, surely, dried up tissues and the edge was dried up hard. I keep going through my bag, to find my new pair of tights with holes in between the legs, my water bottle is clear, and clearly it was not water inside. A mellow yellow color mixed in. My dirty panties were not inside, nor my bra. The final item was the tampon bag which disgusted my the most. I opened it and it looked normal, I dug my hand into the bag to see if anything was at the bottom, I hit something slimy and I instantly j*** away. A used condom, still full of j*** just exploded all over my leggings and the area around me. I am so p***** off. Like what sickos were these people

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  • Disgusting. I'm a guy and I understand that some guys may have some weird s** fantasies, but that clearly is a violation of privacy. At least they could be decent enough not to return you the items in that condition. Clearly, they enjoy the thought of making you suffer. :( I hope these f***-rs get caught.

  • Shared change rooms at high school? I think that is the fantasy.

  • That's horrific. Sorry this happened to you

  • I have never ever heard of a high school with shared gym change rooms. Never.

  • Totally disgusting, but have to agree with this comment. I too have never heard of any high school (even progressive) schools where there are shared bathrooms or changing rooms. I can't imaging parents even being for this. And the fact that the principal couldn't do anything. Guess you could go to the police, you have bag full of DNA. If these guys did it once, they'll do it again.

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