I am a girl, and I like a girl. I'm not

I am a girl, and I like a girl. I'm not bisexual, I don't think; I am in gravitation- I like who I like, regardless of their gender. Not very original, I know, but whatever.

Up until recently, I thought that the feeling was somewhat mutual. She would tell me things, things that made me excited [not that way, pervs], like that she would hear my voice in her head after we hung out. I don't know if that only sounds flirtatious because I want it to.

Now, during the recently, she has a boyfriend. A boyfriend that nobody likes. Oh, except her, of course. But the hopeful part of me doesn't believe that. Whenever I doubt her feelings for me, my mind manages to uncover evidence that convinces me that they must be true. I don't know if I'm in denial.

Tonight, while I was sitting next to her, I just wanted to lean over and kiss her. I might have, if we were alone. I fear what everyone else thinks. I kind of just want to tell you guys, but I don't know how. I'm afraid of this being permanent. I want to get closer to her, not scare her- or you- away from me. Especially if she really is straight. One day I may just want to forget that this ever happened.

You know, there was a commercial on one night a few weeks ago, and you know how we all have a habit of repeating random things that we hear back to each other? Well, the commercial said, "Will you go out with me?" and I nearly asked her. I felt this overwhelming urge to do it, and it was weird, because it was so involuntary, I didn't think about doing it, I just- almost- did. I can't help but wonder what she would've said. Would she still be dating him right now? Or could I have kissed her tonight?

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  • My wife got/gets crushes on women who are confident but not dominant. Its not sexual, but its there.

  • i know exactly how you feel, its so confusing to know what to do. In relation to your story, im the girl you want to kiss.

    I didnt know she felt that way about me, until one night when we were out with a bunch of friends and we were sittin next to each other. She start stroking my back, and I was like ok I dont mind, and then i was stroking her leg and one thing led to another and I whispered in her ear i was going to the bathroom. She followed me and we ended up, well, together, right there in the bathroom. We are now in a relationship and have never been happier.

    Morals of the story: 1 - you will kiss her and she will kiss you back and you will live happily ever after. 2 - You will kiss her, and she will pull away, tell you she doesnt feel them same way but still wants to be friends, or 3 - You will kiss her, she will pull away and be too embarressed to talk to you about it, inevitably ending your friendship.

    No matter what, you cant keep the feelings you have for her bottled up inside you forever, because they will always be there, wondering what if? Life is too short to be thinking about what could have been

  • I think you should have kissed her in teh heat of the moment.

  • That sucks, maybe you should take up masturbation.

  • You need to know if she is bisexual too, first.

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