Jehovah Witnesses and child abuse

Being born to these losers constitutes being abused as far as I'm concerned. The kid better hope he or she never bleeds out because of course, their religion forbids blood transfusions.

That's not the only danger. Child molesters in the group never or seldom get reported because the JW'S have a ritual whereby they can be forgiven of the sin of pedophilia. So if your a kid in this faith try to keep your legs closed because some pervert can do his or her thing to you and then go through the ritual and get off easy. No prison time. A hand spanking if that.

Kids don't go beyond high school in the Jehovah Witness faith because they only need to know Jehovah and no need for a marketable skill. So kids haul that garbage can and wash the dishes because that's as about the only job you will be prepared for.

Jehovah Witnesses seem to enjoy being drags on society and it has gotten them in trouble in other countries. Refusing to serve in the military even in a humane way and refusing to honor the country's flag etc has gotten them punished in many ways. The N*** Germans tried to exterminate them but they got better treatment than the Jews. That's too bad because Jews are by far much more worthy citizens than Jehovah Witnesses ever hope to be.

Jehovah Witness beliefs have at least in the past been patently absurd. They used to believe a transfusion from a gay person would make a person gay themselves. No science behind that. Of course, these people don't like science much anyway because of their dislike of higher education.

I often wondered why their churches have no or sometimes tiny windows. It's my guess they are a type of fortress. They don't want people sniping at them through the window. It's weird. It looks more like a crypt than a church.

I personally wouldn't hurt a Jehovah Witness although I could understand it if someone else did. The Jehovah Witnesses are known for breaking up families. For instance, a wife and some Jehovah Witnesses were discussing the woman's husbands refusal to join their cult and they told the wife "we're going to have to get rid of him". The husband sued for alienation of affections and won the lawsuit. I mean how would you like to be married to some woman who joined this cult and wanted to take her children with her? Jehovah Witnesses lose custody disputes in these situations all the time. They should lose the damn lawsuit because who would want their child to be raised by these losers?

If I had a child who joined this group of yahoos he or she wouldn't have to shun me I'd shun their ass.

Be a loser, be a Jehovah Witness.

Jun 19, 2018

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  • I call them Jon Bon Jehovies

  • Yes JW guys are dependent on following the Church's Elders.
    It's important for them to feel dominated by their Elders as this version of Christianity is all about "propitiation" .Look up this word in the dictionary , and it will all make sense .

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