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My siblings sort of bully me…and i want to stand up to them but dont know how. They say genuinely hurtful things as some sort of joke and then laugh. Im angry at my sister for enabling it, shes 18 and should know better and its so childish when she turns to him to insult me. My brother just keeps saying s***** things about me like how im weird, like weird things and generally he just has this attitude of youre weird and you should be normal. Ive been bullied as a kid and never really learned how to stand up for myself. I do think i should be able to and if you have trouble fitting in theres no point to keep whining about how rude everyone is, but i do think this is uncalled for and hurtful. I did kind of stand up for myself today but my mom says i should just ignore him. I think shes wrong, ignoring it w knt make it stop either, i know from experience. How do i be vulnerable with my siblings (bc theyre not always like this, theyre also very often genuinely kind) while still standing up for myself, making sure they dont do those things around me in the future either, and make sure they still like me? I know its stupid but i do want them to like me, learn from me and look up to me just like i can with them. I am also embarrassed that I am their target, because im an adult woman and there must be something wrong with me if im still the target of bullying.

Apr 18, 2020

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  • The two types of siblings, the ones that get along great, and the ones that fight all of the time. I never had the greatest relationship with my older sister either, so I know how you feel. If there is one thing that I do know about is bullies. There is two ways to fight back against a bully, and that is either sinking to their level or taking away their power. Sinking to his level, well, he is your brother, I am sure that you must know something about his life that you can use to get under his skin. For example, if he still slept with a teddy bear, that would be great cannon fodder to use on him. The only problem with sinking to his level is that it usually involves escalation,) you start fighting with knives, he starts using guns.) He more than likely will up his game. So, take away his power over you instead. Don't let what he says bother you, ignore him. It is not a quick fix, but over time it works. You said he calls you Weird, are you? Of course not, then don't respond to it. Words only have power if you give them power, and he only has power over you if you give him that power. Just think in your mind, "Whatever!" The reason why he bullies you is due to the fact that you respond to it, if you stop responding to it, he will let it go. If he want's to keep being an a******, their are ways to ruin his life, but you don't wan to drop a nuke in a bush war yet.

  • Thank you, i will try that

  • I know that it is not the answer that you were looking for, but it is one that I have seen actually work. If over time it is still not working, get with me and I will give you some ideas on how to get downright evil on his ass! LOL

  • LMAO yes its what I wanted, I hate when people give advice and it doesnt work, been there done that! I dont wanna ruin my own mental health because laughing along doesnt work

  • Well, the advice I gave you will work, it is not a quick fix. Any and all quick fixes i give you can escalate the problem. If you are willing to take the risk, I will help you. Let me know.

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