Why do bullys always choose victims that won't fight back

My victims of bullying are often if not always handicapped in some way. Weak or deformed or shy or whatever. I saw a visibly crippled boy get bullied by a varsity wrestler once. I couldn't do anything for the victim but I sawer I sure wanted to. Why do schools pretend it isn't a problem?

Oct 27, 2020

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  • When I was 17 I watched a boy getting bullied along with my girl friends under a highway under pass. He was about 14 or 15 and so scared about being forced to pull down his pants in front of laughing girls. he just stood there in his underwear and ended up getting them yanked down. I remember his face flushed red when they held up his shirt. I think he was more terrified about being left nake than embarrassed and just stood there with his p**** totally exposed. I remember my grils friends later talking about his p**** going halfway hard and surpriced about how big it got. I was just shocked about how girls can be even worst than boys and so willing to watch.

  • One time a bully picked on every small weak person. he said I don't take no s*** from nobody!! one guy his size step up to the plate. you seen how fast the bully back down. the guy said I thought you don't take s*** from nobody??I accept your challenge and walk up to the bully they talk exchange words turn out into a fight. the bully got beaten black eye b***** nose. the guy got suspended the bully didn't. the bullies mom wanted to press charges. but instead the guys parents paid medical bills instead.

  • Because bullies are cowardly control freaks with an inferiority complex. It's that simple .
    Stand up to a bully and the bullying will stop.
    I'm normal quite passive and may appear to be weak.
    I 'm a retail supervisor and when a bully tried to intimidate me I told him
    " Go f*** yourself , do as you're told ."
    He replied
    " You can't talk to me like that'.
    When I replied
    " I think you'll find I just have ".
    I got no reply but from.that moment on that person was.my best member of staff and would do anything for me.

  • Bullies are pansies that way. They roll up all big and bad to people they think they can push around and are incontinent puppies around anyone who proves they're not putting up with bully bullshit

  • Why do people blame schools? Parents are to blame as are bystanders. Beat the bully's ass and he'll stop that s***.

  • Isn't it obvious? Bullies are cowards. Very loud cowards who will use any advantage they have to not seem weak. Why do schools still pretend it isn't a problem? Because we love to make lots of noise about "being concerned about" social issues but don't want to do the hard work of solving them. Don't worry, there'll be a good proper school shooting again soon. And if schools are locked down too tightly, some kid will figure out a workaround, like poisoning the AC ducts (hint hint).

  • Until there's more action than talk, may the massacres continue

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