She will remember that forever

My husband and I have been married for 3 years, We used to venture out into some extracurricular activities but haven't really done anything for a couple years, We just had our second child a year ago and are considering a third but my husband has been kind of mentioning maybe doing a little something before we do, I have been putting it off, Not that I am at all against it, I have always been ok with doing stuff and if the opportunity ever came up I was never one to shy away from anything but just haven't had that drive that I did when we were younger and I was always the one to push for it but have just had too many other things on my mind. Not that we are at all old, I'm 26 and he is 28 but I just feel like we have begun to "Settle down" if you will.
After my company Christmas party a situation did arise which I was not expecting but it did and so I ran with it. My supervisor is a nice woman, Just your average mid 40's looking woman, Nothing really stands out about her, She dresses well and takes care of herself, My height (5 1/2 feet) and a little thicker build, Probably 130 ish I would say, She always wears heels and dresses and has her hair done, She was looking really pretty at the Christmas party and one of the other people in my department was very obviously hitting on her, She has been on her own for about 6 years since her husband passed away from massive heart failure apparently and as she sat with us for a bit I was teasing her to take him up on what he was offering, She looked at me wide eyed and said "Oh good lord no".
Me and her have always had a great relationship at work and have hung out a couple times after work but never really too much, When the night was coming to a close some people were going to a club but she declined multiple offers, My husband and I were heading home and she asked to share a cab, My husband nudged me and motioned toward her, I looked at him and squinted my eyes, He raised his eyebrows and I thought what the heck, In the cab I invited her for a drink and she said sure, We went inside and my husband went to change, He had on some sweats and no underwear, She noticed right away, She kept glancing over at the show he was putting on and when he left the room I said "So...I noticed you looking", she turned beet red and started to stutter, I said "Hey, It's all good, You...Interested?", She laughed and I said "What would you think about...I dunno" and she looked at me saying "Think about what?", Just then my husband came back and I smiled at him, He walked up in front of her showing her his package through his pants, I took her hand and put it on his bulge and she took a deep breath then let out a sigh.
I knew if we didn't do something right away she would bolt so I pulled his pants down and she let out this little moan, I put her hand on his shaft and she looked at me, I smiled and she bit her upper lip, She was trying to say something but only half words were coming out, My husband stepped closer and I leaned in nibbling her neck, She shuddered and let out another little moan and I knew she was in, My husband is not super huge or anything but he gets the job done and is probably one of if not the biggest I have personally been with and the couple friends we have been with were not disappointed, She was holding him and taking deep breaths as I unzipped her dress and pulled it down, She had on a strapless bra and I unclipped it which made it almost jump right off, As it did she gasped and covered her b****** with her other arm, I slid my hands under her arm and cupped her b******, They are small, soft and have light pink nips.
She looked at me and I kissed her, She was super nervous and even with the booze she was still not quite letting go, I grabbed my husband and pulled him closer so his tip was almost touching her lips and she leaned right in opening her mouth. She was solidly focused on him and I stood up then slid in behind her on the couch, My husband kicked off his pants and I grabbed her dress working it down, She lifted her bum and I slid it down taking her nylons and panties with, My husband reached up with his foot and pulled everything to the floor, She kicked it off and spread her legs as I slid my hand between them. I had undressed from the waist up and when he stepped back pulling her to her feet I stood up and shimmied out of what I had left on.
We all went to the bedroom and I turned out the lights then left the door open just enough to provide some comfort for her but enough light to keep it interesting, I felt at any moment she might freak and bolt out the door so I did everything I could to keep her mind on continuing, I laid beside her and every time my husband tried to turn his focus to me I redirected him back to her, He kissed his way down her chest sucking on her little pink nips and making them stand right up, Having had kids I can sympathize with not being comfortable with what they look like after and being less...Perky than they once were. Hers are not bad but n her back they kind of disappear and are just a bump on her chest but he seemed to be enjoying them.
She was reaching down stroking him and grinding her hips but he was teasing her, He worked his way down and kissed her soft stomach, Her legs and thighs and she melted as he ran his tongue across her inner thigh, Her legs spread and I could feel her whole body relax, As he started flicking her lips with his tongue she grabbed his head and pulled his face into her, I figured he had her attention so I moved around behind him and was reaching between his legs stroking him, He was so hard and his tip was dripping already, I knelt down and sucked him as he licked her, I heard her say "Oh god I want you in me" and I laid back down beside her, I pulled him up on top of her and then reached down and she was grabbing and pulling at him, I rubbed her and she was ready, No doubt, She guided him into her and let out a few moans as he pushed all the way in.
Before long we were in full effect and I was kissing and sucking her little nips and my husband was slowly banging her, I kissed her and my husband pulled out rolling her on top of me, I gently guided her mouth to my chest knowing that she had obviously never gone that way before but she laid her face on my chest and cupped one of my b******, She lifted her head and started sucking my nip and before long my husband had her on the verge, I wanted to take her to the next level, I wanted it to go further than she ever planned so I slid up putting my pelvis right under her face, I gently guided her down and she went for it, She started licking me and we all enjoyed a night that will go down in memory as probably the best night.
We all got off multiple times, In the end she was left sweaty and exhausted and I managed to have a night cap with just me and her as my husband tried his best to muster up one more erection but couldn't, When I finished her for her second time she almost passed out right then and there so I held her and we just softly kissed before my husband snuggled up behind her, In the morning she was stuck in our sandwich and I woke up to her letting out a small moan as my husband pressed his morning wood into her from behind, I laid back and watched providing a little help here and there and before leaving he made sure she got one more load, After she got off he held her tight and pounded her hard then shoved all the way in and she moaned "Oh god yeah" as he came inside her.
Afterward I invited her to join us for breakfast but her inhibitions were high the morning after and I think she was more embarrassed about the fact she let it happen again in the morning so she quickly rounded up her clothes and before she could pull her top up I wrapped my arms around her and we shared a little morning kiss as I played with her nips, she eventually pulled away and tucked her b****** in her dress, She left with her bra, Panties and nylons in her purse and my husband made sure to kiss her as she stood at the doorway and told her she was amazing, She nervously said "Hah, yeah, You too" and then her cab pulled up and she left.
Not sure what her thoughts are on the whole thing but I want to pursue this some more.


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  • I would love to be tied up wearing black nylons and 4inch high heels

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