Malaysians are racists

I'm a Malaysian myself, but i really hate the country. It is full of racism especially Malays followed by chinese. I'm half malay . I live in Malay environment because i'm a muslim. Once I started to attend secondary school, the malays (not everyone) are starting to insult and isolate themselves from me..They feel proud of their race like they're noble or something whilst insulting other races. Also, they have poor morality and manners, they litter, spit everywhere as well as smoking in front of children. They show bad manners to the kids. If you're not from Malaysia, please take note that this country is not a great place to raise your children. But please know that there are also great things about this country. I'll post more soon..

Eli ( Hebrew name )

Jun 30, 2015

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  • I'm a muslim convert with beautiful kids, husband not Malay, but I never thought of enrolling my kids into public Malay schools. Thank you for your advice, but we foreign Muslims already know this:) Mixed kids like you should avoid these public schools when a precious time to grow mentally should be spent in healthy environments. That is to say, schools without gossip mongers, rapists, racists, drugs, and low-moral individuals among teachers and students as well (all actions here are against Islam lol).
    Malay parents must know their attitudes and mentions towards other people will be passed on to their kids at home. They must realise they're raising the next generation of this country.
    Well, I can see what's written here by this poor kid in my workplaces. I too have had bad experiences like being gossiped, ousted from a group, etc just because I'm not Malay while being a Muslimah. Damn, how old am I? lol. Yet, sometimes because I'm a foreigner, Malays try to beautify their own race over others when we talk. I of course don't buy them behind my fake smile:)
    Remember, Islam has no room for racism. My little tip for you is, keep yourself away from Malays. Having said about racism, this sounds contradictory. Keep your mental well-being by not mingling with them, at the same time be nice to them whenever possible as a Muslim.

  • I admit that some of malay is racistm...i'm malay too...and muslim...but don't you think that you made some sin since you are muslim...i'm so proud to be a malay...don't you have malay bestfriends??
    Luckily you are muslim...assalamualaikum...

  • What you're saying in large part is true of most nations and nationalities. The world is a sad place.

  • You... you mean... other people besides white Americans are racist???
    If you listen, you can hear SJW heads exploding. hehe

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