Why I’ll always hate the malays!

I was born out of a malay-Pakistani family so that supposedly made me a half malay. But years older, me & my other sibling especially are more genetically adherence to our Pakistani blood(thank God for that!). Growing up in my teens I always wondered as to why I’d at most times feel embarrassed when being identified or associated to the malay people. Then, years older made me understood why. In my mid thirties now, recently I was having hopes for the malay race to spring up towards greater future on their own without the dependent of others being the lazy f**** that they are but which I’ve come to realize of to no avail at all. Highlights below are some of the many reasons why malays cannot be a progressive people or culture in anything:-

1) Identity
As a Muslim myself, I’m not against any religion or whatsoever but with the typical malays, being “malay-must-be-muslim” is one of the main issues that destroy their identity in general. Often, you can hardly find a malay who is not a Muslim. Ample amount of research over the internet allowed me to understand that this root originated from the malaysian constitution where a malay means someone who adopts malay culture, speaks of the malay tongue & professes Islam. Ok with the first two, but the third element is where the problem lies. Malays are genetically tribal natives with pagan backgrounds. It’s one of the reasons why you tend to see a malay behaving like a non-Muslim(drink alcohol, eat non-halal foods, fornication, etc..) but somehow always protective of the religion is Islam. Why? This lies in the indoctrination that originated from the malaysian constitution that I mentioned above(it becomes like a natural law to them). That’s why you’ll still see typical malays behaving like this too in country like Singapore. Unlike indonesia, you can still see a Christian malay, Buddhist malay, etc..and no one would have any unusual concern when another malay comes up to them & said they’re not a Muslim. In general, this identity crisis have made malays the most unconstructive race when trying to face diversity in life.

2) Lazy
Now this one is not an uncommon understanding at all towards other races when it comes to the malay s****(I call them s**** now haha..). I’m not sure where this main part of them originated from? And why? But we all know this. You try asking for a malay to assist or try problem solving, they’ll find ways eventually to ditch your request or transfer them to anyone else & carry on with their ignorant lives, which then brings me to highlight the next point, education, later. From here you can see why, especially in Singapore, no employers would hire a malay straightforwardly.

3) Education & Advancement
They seem to find it hard to educate themselves in many advance fields. You can train them to be technical, but you can hardly do so for the former. This all entangles with their lazy attribute & always telling themselves that certain things are “just enough.” With always being “enough” or “just right” to be their life motto, they’re giving up a lot on important fields like science & technology which have always been crucial in contributing the progression of mankind towards greater achievements. An example is clear cut as to why nations like China & India could already have space exploration agencies but malaysia being a richer nation due to oil resources, can’t even plan on endeavoring so? Strange indeed..

4) The malay women
Some, in fact the most stupidest breed in the world are their women. Always having the mentality of secluding themselves to their own kind(again their identity issue as mentioned plays the big part) & not educating themselves all the times, always stay at home especially when they’re married or older, no exercising, taking care of diet, not being literate, etc. I’ve always never had any problem communicating with women of other races even if they’re Muslims but when it comes to a malay s*** woman, there’s always some sort of a devious look coming out of them. All the more worse if they’re the type that wear the head scarve(tudung). Behind the curtains, they’ll commit all sorts of sins. You know what they say, “everything is just for show” when it comes to the malay women.

5) Cigarettes
Now this one irritates me a lot personally. One, obviously I don’t smoke, but two, it is the stench that comes out of every malayshit body when they exhale their cigarette smoke. They always have this distinguish stench when they smoke, not sure why- research over the internet haven’t gotten me any answer as to why, though. This makes smoking a huge issue when it comes to the malayshits out there. You see these lazy bums & they always seem to be happy with their cigarettes contrary to the polarity of other races when they have reasons to smoke like to relief stress, relax, or just a bad habit. But the malayshit makes it like it’s their purpose to smoke & do so with pride.

I’ve just had about enough to vent these out. I know that the rest of the world out there would agree with me, especially those who know these s*** of a race. Feel free to share your malayshit experience in the comments below. Thanks!

Aug 15, 2021

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  • Just ran into a malay s******* yesterday while at work. When asked on a certain operational question, the s******* stared and replied back to a superior in the most morbid manner I’ve ever seen. It showed how these shitheads can’t take even a little bit of pressure let alone making me wonder how they got that job to begin with in the first place..???

  • To h*** with all malay people! I hate them too!!

  • From Singapore here and I can tell you that most your pointers up there are actually true. The malays have this main problem of always being lazy thinking no more than what’s limited to their “supposed” capacity, yet you’ll see that they’re always in favor of owning big cars and houses to their debts, which is pretty weird if you’re not working hard to maintain them to begin with. In Singapore here in particular most of the older malay gen still adopt this unconstructive culture mentality of theirs. Being lazy is predominant. And then the envious and jealousy parts- always wanting to bring their so-called adversary down rather than consoling their own weakness. Jumping into fights easily rather than walking away or negotiation and many other things that are publicly seen bad on them by others. The younger gen are somehow more changed although a percentage, especially not so educated ones still follow suit their older gen culture and behaviors.

  • Wow, Singapore having the same problem . Not surprise at all

  • They are quite ignorant and malodorous, that’s a matter of record.

  • I lick the black a****** of the malay. i swallow the hairs. seep!

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