Born and bred in Malaysia, but would never call it my country

Malaysia has good food and a good geographical location. That's it.
The biggest downfall of this country is article 153 of the constitution. With all the benefits and favor to "protect" the "bumiputera" (basically Malays, not even including the aboriginals), Malaysia had effectively institutionalized racism. Only Malays could be the Prime Minister, and that gave that race a sense of false entitlement, leading to the embarrassing election of incompetent fools. With this established division between races, the predominantly Malay government has pitted races against each other with promises to maintain the "special position" and benefits of Malays, mainly using Islam to control people. Not even going to mention the atrocities against the LGBT community here, its well known worldwide.

Religious freedom is a sham here, non Muslim citizens are constantly berated by the government and are used to rile up the Muslims against non Muslims, just to secure another election. Being an atheist is not even an option and people are forced to declare a religion when registering for an ID card. The government is so obsessed with segregating races and securing elections that the country's progress is stagnant. Just a fortunate few are able to escape this racist game through education and people do have interracial friends and relationships. However, the failure in establishing a quality education for the nation, again because of ridiculous quarrels (e.g. teaching science and math in Malay and so on...), blinded citizens to the puppeteering of the government, thus perpetuating the hate between races. What's worst, the government and media also demonized foreigners (especially Caucasians) and turned ignorant people into backwards keyboard warriors.

One of the most ridiculous things about this country is definitely the sedition law which shut down free speech and human rights essentially. People are not allowed to challenge the outdated constitution for fear that the government would not be able to create diversions for their failure anymore. Pushing for the Prime Minister to step down is also a crime even though he played dirty in the election and was just an embarrassment to the country. So, people who wish to speak, will be silenced by the "law".

Other than problems stemming from the Malays, the Chinese community is also segregated into the Chinese speakers and the English speakers. I studied in Chinese schools from primary to secondary but English has always been my first language. One phenomenon I observed was the utterly childish behavior of a faction of the Chinese speakers which made people generalize the whole race poorly. These Chinese speakers (mainly from public schools) have a vendetta for English speakers because they believe that English speakers feel like they are better. While my views are that English is a more useful language than Chinese in the working world, most English speakers do not think that having Chinese as a first language is inferior. Instead, it is the childish attitudes and ignorance of the people (so called Lala people) who so happen to be Chinese speakers that are deplorable. Not to say that there are no English speakers that are childish, but what reflected poorly on the Chinese race is this group of people. Well one thing is for sure, most Chinese hate being forced to learn the Malay language. With segregation within the Chinese community itself and also being deemed "communists", the race issue in Malaysia mainly between the Chinese and the Malays are the most dangerous thing for the country.

As much as I want to avoid racism, these are the blatantly obvious facts of the country. The death of Malaysia is the incompetent government which is the love child of Article 153 of the Constitution and the Sedition law. At this rate, the country is regressing into shambles unless change is made. Wake up Malaysia. Malays must not be allowed to have this "special position" anymore and stop fighting against one another in terms of religion, skin color or language. I am an Atheist who is of Chinese descent and I do not foresee an improvement from the stubborn government and ignorant people who sold out for "extra benefits" for a place for people like me anytime soon. Thankfully, I am studying abroad and am planning to renounce my citizenship to this country.

(People are going to be mad that I don't have any form of patriotism or allegiance to Malaysia and I am positive to hear these words again: "Don't like Malaysia then leave" or "Go back to China". Well, I am leaving Malaysia and no thank you, I am not going to somewhere where I didn't come from, especially not China- a worst violation of human rights than Malaysia.)

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